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The building block of Green Intelligence

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How do companies build their Green Intelligence ( if they do so)?

Environmental information out there is arbitrarily disseminated, hard to be screened, and subjectively manufactured. We know. But how is environmental information distributed within a corporate context where such information feeds green innovation capabilities and generates Green Intelligence? Is "GI" on the agenda of the average corporate?

Put the finance Guy and the clean energy Engineer around the same table to discuss the KPIs of a project and there will be a point they ask: "What KPIs are we talking about?

The lack of agreement on taxonomies prevents teams from effectively collaborating. When knowledge is not widely and equally spread, how can we expect people to work towards the same goals?

All corporates know that knowledge management IS a critical strategic resource perfectly as much as they know that building internal Green Intelligence provides a competitive advantage. In fact, it oils the knowledge-generating process and cohesive adherence to corporate principles giving some substance to their hope for survival. Expanded environmental consciousness and green awareness mature from a psychological process where emotions and experiences generate action. An example can be when people who are aware of the possible consequences of non-sustainable activities such as improper disposal of plastic and other wastes create a strong sense of self-belief and moral duty.

Despite all this common sense, Green Intelligence doesn’t seem to progress beyond the marketing division buzzwords, and all compliance boxes ticked. Talking to corporate decision-makers you realize how siloed knowledge management is still there, preventing the finance and the clean energy guy from sharing a green culture, talking the same language and dreaming the same dream The truth is that environmental science has become increasingly complex and interdisciplinary, and has exponentially accelerated the development of new technologies, new research and systems. Just as a few examples, I am thinking of geographic information systems used to observe sources of air or water pollution through satellites and digital imagery analysis, or I am thinking of blockchain technology, monitoring and regulating global fisheries, and remote sensing allowing for the detection of features of the environment, and more. The fast development of wind, solar, hydroelectric, or geothermal power. The list of green innovations deserves much more place and is not the object of this article.

A sustainable environment is conducive to Green Intelligence. Organizations' strategies will miserably fail without green-conscious awareness.

Knowledge resources and capabilities are the building blocks for firms' abilities to innovate sustainably.

Siloed knowledge management doesn’t help when we desperately need interdisciplinary collaboration, learn from one another, and identify the correlations, the complementarities and the contradictory pieces of green knowledge.

Green Intelligence is nothing we can achieve individually it is open by nature and therefore requires companies to drive their knowledge management process into a new co-creation mode where knowledge flows are conducive to better use of human capital.

Now Green Intelligence has a hub for knowledge sharing called Green Truth Conference. The platform will bring together sustainability experts, innovators and academia to discuss, learn and proffer holistic solutions to sustainability challenges in a highly interactive, 3D environment. Income from tickets and sponsorships is utilized to cover the Conference costs and to support the non-profit library of truth QuTii. AOTs will help convert all Conference content into questions and answers available to all on QuTii.

Is this the open conducive environment that will enhance environmental awareness through the discussion of fact-based conversations? We do our bit and we invite you to do the same.

We worked hard to make this happen and now that we are close to the launch of the program we are glad to offer our community the opportunity to play their part as attendants or exhibitors. You can show your support by pre-registering for any event here or signing up as an exhibitor here. A limited number of Early Bird tickets are available until Jan. 31. Organizations willing to offer the GTC membership to their team members can keep in touch with us for more details here.

News from AOT world

This newsletter was very much focused on the Green Truth Conference where we hope to see many of you participating, More news from the QuTii platform in the next newsletter! Are you new to the AOT movement? Check out the AOT story created by Niccolo' Smaldone .

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