Trust is the enabler of individuals’ fulfilment and society’s progress 

Our purpose is Inspiring Trust. 

Our mission is to provide every individual with the tools to test and prove who they are in real-time, crystallize their knowledge and professional evolution into blockchain-based proofs,

and benefit from a shareable, irrefutable reputation.

TiiQu is the value assigned to the trustworthiness of a set of claims.
It makes trust fluent and instantaneous.



TiiQu score is algorithmically calculated from verifiable credentials continuously collected into a digital portfolio. The score measures to what extent a set of claims can be trusted at a given time, enabling objective, unbiased and fair decision-making across and between ecosystems. Credentials about one's identity, work, performances, ownership, or formal and informal learning are certified at the source with a blockchain certification system and can be shared individually to prove one's eligibility to rights, services and opportunities.



Claims are certified at the source. Their "proofs"  are  instantaneously published to the blockchain in form of a "hash" that cannot be back-linked to the original data. Thanks to immutability of blockchains, proofs cannot be falsified. Owners can share proofs in the form of PDF certificates containing meta-data that direct the viewer to the immutable proof published to the blockchain.



No sensitive data are published to the blockchain nor are they shared with third-party platforms. TiiQu technologies enable issuers to manage the entire process of certification in-house without risking data-breaches by transferring data. Once a "credential" is issued, recipients can share them with whom they want without losing control.



Proofs of claims are published to the blockchain permanently. By a click on the digital certificate, the viewer can instantly verify that the elements of a certain document correspond to what was effectively published by the issuer. veriif is open source, so that proofs can be verified forever at zero cost, including in the event that TiiQu or the issuer disappear.




In just five clicks, without transferring data, issuers can convert hundreds of certificates or sets of data into immutable proofs. Any  credential issued by certiif is verifiable online by a click through veriif.  This verification system was released by TiiQu as open-source technology so that credentials will be verifiable forever. 

TiiQu portfolio

A digital collector of blockchain-based credentials. It allows individuals to share irrefutable proofs of identity, work, performances, knowledge, ownership, eligibility and rights, without losing control or exposing one's data to cyber risks. The TiiQu score offers a real-time synthesis of claims' trustworthiness. 


 Reputation mechanisms have begun transitioning online to meet the challenges of the modern world. The low entry barriers of many platforms are dangerously fostering mistrust in the information deriving from the online world. 
TiiQu sees in communities the cradle of a new trust mechanism that leads to the fair recognition of members' skills and potential. A system based on continuously validated and immutably certified information from multiple sources of truth.

TiiQu Tribes are communities of experts  who co-create knowledge, test their skills, benchmark their level of competency against a crowd of peers, and can be trusted  based on proofs. Join your tribe now! 



TiiQu technologies form an integrated platform enabling stakeholders to trust one another, keeping legitimate owners in control of their data. We collaborate and partner with employers, learning providers, communities and NGOs that place individuals' professional development at the core of their strategies and are willing to contribute to their members' professional growth. 

TiiQu Talks
Trusted skills that matter

Augmented reality: game or promise?
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2016 - Incorporation 

2017 - White Paper publication 

2018 - TIiQu Score, TiiQu platform alpha,  Certiif V.1 released

2019 - Certiif V.8 , Veriif beta,  Portfolio,  Skilld@ alpha

2020 - Certiif V.9  , HealthID  prototype

2021 - Certiif V.10


Regardless of whether you are applying for a job, a physician starting out in a new country, a founder seeking funding, a citizen interacting with public services, a student applying to university or a business owner dealing with a new customer, you find yourself having to prove again and again, who you are, what you have done, what you own, what you can deliver, and how you have delivered in the past.
It results in endless costly research and continuous assessments that unfortunately inevitably end up being affected by conscious or unconscious biases. 

TiiQu envisions a future in which everyone can access opportunities based on merit. The purpose of TiiQu is to remove guesswork and assumptions from an individual's claims about their ID, work, education, performance, skills, and eligibility, through portable, immutable and shareable blockchain-based credentials. The veracity, validity and integrity of proofs are synthesized in the universal language of numbers: the TiiQu score represents the trustworthiness of one's claims.



TiiQu developed a set of systems that enable instant certification, verification and sharing of tamper-proof information about one's identity, work, eligibility, reputation, performances and others.
Certiif is a unique standalone certification system enabling the creation and issuance of blockchain-based certificates, attestations, permits and badges. It facilitates modern organizational ecosystems to distribute issuance operations and centralize real-time data monitoring without the need for a platform.
Veriif is an open-source verifier that allows verification of blockchain-based credentials against the proof immutably published on the blockchain forever.
TiiQu score is an algorithmically calculated score that works as a balancer of trusted sources. The underlying averaging system equalizing verified truth allows objective taking decisions about comparable elements.

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