Your Knowledge

The TiiQu Ecosystem brings together the wisdom of the crowd and powerful technologies like blockchain and AI to enable measuring and sharing knowledge-based trust. 

We are

a network for skilled people

a platform enhancing knowledge sharing and business

a mobile application to prove who we are, what we do and

how well we know what we know

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Knowledge-based reputation

It's time to replace likes and followers with a dynamic, trusted

Today's and tomorrow's knowledge  mostly derive from ongoing self-learning

Qualifications cannot crystallize your knowledge in real-time. 
With MyTiiQu we can

Current evaluation systems are involuntarily biased, broken or subjective

It is difficult to overcome stereotypes, prejudice and assumptions.
With MyTiiQu we can

Professional social networks fail to be at the same time

open and trustworthy

It is hard to build trust where everyone can import false information
With MyTiiQu we can


Imagine that you needed to up-skill to assume a management position at the company of your dreams. Or maybe you're unsure about your knowledge in a particularly new field where you are self-taught, how do you know what you know? That's where the MyTiiQu app comes in. You can think of it as an encyclopedia of questions that assess "how much" you know. 

It's fair because of the crowd of experts that determines the validity and relevancy of questions and answers.

It's objective because it relies on the wisdom of the crowd. Everyone can be part of that crowd. 


What if you were applying for a job or a business opportunity and needed a quick way to share academic credentials and portfolio information? Do your credentials shed light on all you've learned across education, experience, and self-learning? Are your credentials credible or verifiable? Do they tell your story? There's no qualification today that says what you can bring to the table of your next employer, client or business partner.  MyTiiQu allows you to prove what you've learned and what you know. You just need to click on your test result and convert what you know into immutable proof in real-time. These test proofs will benchmark what you know against available knowledge. No one can access your proofs unless you share them and, most importantly, you can easily and continuously improve them! 


What do you do if you need to bounce a new theory or idea off a like-minded, similarly qualified peer? How do you monitor what others know and what you don't? How do you know you are sharing knowledge with relevant peers? 

Once you reach the level of Expert, your dashboard earns new features. You can validate and peer-review other people's knowledge and benefit from a connection with the tribes you care about. Your experience is validated by crowds of experts. You can compete in a global ranking by category and your authority in new domains grows.

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Help decision-making become  fair and unbiased