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Without the truth, there is no trust; without trust, there is no collaboration, and  without global collaboration and a deep understanding of truth, there is no future on Earth. That's why TiiQu supports the GreenTruth Initiative

Upcoming Episodes

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13 June 2024

Urgency, Commitment, and Action: Keys to Changing the Climate

Host Chantal Kerr-Sheppard interviews climate expert Hugh Montgomery OBE - Director of UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance - in this compelling GreenTruth episode emphasizing the importance of accessing reliable information from reputable sources like NASA, the UK Met Office, and WHO for accurate climate and health data. Discover the significant infrastructural and financial challenges in transitioning to renewable energy and the crucial need for moral leadership and industry collaboration to drive sustainable change. This episode also issues an urgent call to personal and collective action, urging listeners to commit to sustainability, take immediate steps, and mobilize their communities to create a collective impact for a sustainable future. Don't miss this enlightening discussion on making informed choices and fostering global environmental responsibility.

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18 June 2024

Policy and Progress: Paul Ekins on Green Transition

In this insightful GreenTruth episode with Professor Paul Ekins, Author of Green Transition Stopping Climate Change: Policies for Real Zero (Routledge) and a leading authority on resources and environmental policy hosted by Chantal Kerr-Sheppard, Professor Ekins emphasizes the critical need to eliminate fossil fuels, which account for three-quarters of the sustainability problem. Professor Ekins also discusses the importance of transforming agricultural practices, reducing meat consumption, and finding more sustainable methods of food production. Highlighting the vital role of government policies in driving sustainability, Professor Ekins explains how individual behaviour changes are crucial but are significantly influenced by social norms and infrastructure. He underscores the necessity of effective policies that support renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and public transport to enable these essential shifts. Tune in to learn about the powerful interplay between policy and progress in the fight against climate change and discover the steps needed to achieve a truly sustainable future.

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25 June 2024

Exploring Microplastics, Fast Fashion, and Sustainability Communication

Join host Laura Degiovanni as she delves into a compelling conversation with Michael Stanley-Jones, Senior Advisor to the Circular Research Foundation and the UN Environment Management Group. Michael shares his journey and insights into the world of sustainability, focusing on the pervasive issue of microplastics, the impact of fast fashion, and the importance of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Discover how international collaboration, local community action, and innovative policies can drive meaningful change. Stay tuned as we explore the intersection of environmental responsibility and global health.

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27 June 2024

Decarbonization Strategies Unveiled with Mark Workman

In this episode of the Green Truth Podcast, host Comfort Eboh engages in an enlightening conversation with Mark Workman, Director at Foresight Transitions, a company specializing in research and knowledge around decarbonization and net-zero strategies. Mark delves into the complexities of strategic foresight and interdisciplinary systems thinking, emphasizing the importance of addressing deep uncertainty in tackling environmental challenges. From exploring carbon removal to discussing the nuances of carbon offsetting and the value of negative emissions, this episode offers valuable insights into navigating the path towards sustainability in a rapidly changing world.

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2 July 2024

The misconception of Data

Join host Comfort Eboh in a captivating conversation with Isaac Kenyon, an energy data analyst from Mapsand, as they explore decarbonization strategies and energy intelligence. Kenyon shares insights from his eight-year journey, revealing how Mapsand is revolutionizing the energy industry by making geospatial data accessible. From renewable energy to carbon capture, Kenyon discusses diverse strategies and emphasizes the importance of innovation and collaboration. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of decarbonization and the vital role of data intelligence in shaping a sustainable world.

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4 July 2024

Harmonizing Sustainability: Navigating Policy and Spirituality

Join Valentin Moyo in an enlightening conversation with Tahmid Chowdhury, EU Policy Manager on Sustainability and Circular Economy at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. In this episode of the Green Truth podcast, they delve into the complexities of EU sustainability policy, exploring the circular economy and the quest for truth in environmental stewardship. Tahmid shares his unique approach to blending rigorous policy analysis with philosophical and spiritual perspectives, shedding light on how embracing truth can empower us to create a better world. From discussing innovative policies like the digital product passport to exploring the intersection of social culture and nature, this episode offers insights and inspiration for collective action towards a sustainable future. Tune in for an engaging dialogue that invites us to rethink our relationship with the planet and each other.


Green Truth Initiative

Our mission is to provide an open platform that enables the exploration of diverse perspectives. We believe that Truth, when understood and embraced, empowers humanity to make informed decisions that benefit both present and future generations.

While we do not take a specific position on environmental issues, we view ourselves as stewards of Truth. Through captivating discussions, interviews, and narratives, the Greentruth podcast,  seeks to foster understanding and inspire action for a more sustainability-conscious world, paving the way to the GreenTruth Conference.

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  • LinkedIn

Comfort Eboh

ESG Sustainability Manager |

Sustainability Lead  | Host - Green Truth Initiative

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  • LinkedIn

George Pickthorn

Sustainability Lead - GreenTruth Initiative 

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  • LinkedIn

Chantal Kerr -Sheppard

Director Event Cycle - Event Sustainability & Social Value Consultant

Podcast Host - GreenTruth Initiatve 

  • LinkedIn

Kiran Deglurkar

Technical Product Manager Global Relay  |

Project Manager Green Truth Initiative

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Join the Green Truth Initiative now!

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  • LinkedIn

Sara Lang

 Environment and Sustainability Manager Vestel UK Ltd 
Sustainability Lead-gen - GreenTruth Initiative

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  • LinkedIn

Adil Sardardeen MEng, MIChemE, 

Sustainability Mng Nuclear Decommissioning A. 

Outreach Coordinator -Green Truth Initiative

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  • LinkedIn

Nicholas Robinson

Inventor, Ecosystems, R&D support, green tech, |
Environment Lead - Green Truth Initiative

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Nandini Sharma

Climate Change and Sustainability | International Development
Sustainability Lead-gen - GreenTruth Initiative

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