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Terms & Conditions of Use



"The Company" or "TiiQu" or "We": the company TiiQu C.I.C., whose registered office is at 1-2 Charterhouse Mews EC1M 6BB London, United Kingdom, operating the website, and (jointly, the "Website"). 

"Website": all of the content and pages accessible at and from the web addresses,, 

"You" or "User": any regular or occasional user of the Website, as a Visitor of the Website, a Partner or a Contributor 
"PDF2QA" the text to QA converter
"QuTii' the library of truth

“My TiiQu”: the mobile self-development application released by TiiQu;

"Service": all of the services, functionalities and applications accessible via the Website or via MyTiiQu, PDF2QA, QUTII  and TiiQu community mobile application. 

"Content": any content published or distributed on the Website and on MyTiiQu by TiiQu, including, but not limited to, texts, words, information, images, videos, sounds, data or hypertext links.

“Submitted Content”: any content submitted, through the Services, by Users.

"Contributor": natural person who provides or submits data by using the Services. 

"Partner": the legal entity who provides or submits data by using pre-defined APIs for the automation of Services

 "Visitor": person visiting the Website, without necessarily registering nor having an Account.

Article 1. Acceptance of General Conditions of Use 

These Terms & Conditions of Use (the "Terms & Conditions") specify the conditions of use in which the User (or "You") is/are authorised to use the Service, the Website, the TiiQu mobile applications, and the Content. These Terms & Conditions represent a binding agreement between You and TiiQu. You accept these Terms & Conditions when You access the Website as a Visitor or use the Service. BY USING THE SERVICES, YOU EXPLICITLY ACCEPT THE TERMS & CONDITIONS; IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THEM, YOU CANNOT ACCESS TO THE SERVICES. TiiQu reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change, modify, supplement or delete parts of these Terms & Conditions. The Users that accept these Terms & Conditions by reason of accessing any Service will be given advance notice of any change which is not entirely formal. If You continue to access the Website and/or use the Services after being notified of the changes made, this indicates that You accept the previously mentioned changes. As long as You comply with these Terms & Conditions, TiiQu grants You a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable personal right of access to the Website and/or, if applicable, the Services. If You violate these conditions, TiiQu may terminate your access or suspend it for a time. 

Article 2. Services To Participants 

2.1 Access to the Services 

To use Services, You must be a natural person, aged eighteen (18) or having reached the age of majority in Your country of residence or having obtained the agreement of Your legal representative (parent or guardian) if You are a minor. 

The Services are offered on the internet and Users must have an internet connection to access. All telephone connection and internet access costs are at their expense. TIIQU only grants the User a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to access and use the Services and their content. This licence is subject to compliance with the special rules set for each Service according to these Terms & Conditions. TIIQU is free at any time to interrupt or suspend access to all or part of the Services, or Website, particularly for operational or maintenance reasons, and to modify, suspend, delete the Website and to terminate its publication on the internet, without Users having any claim to compensation. TIIQU is free to add and delete Services and/or to alter their characteristics and conditions of use.

In order to use or access the Services, personal data, including name, surname, job position, organization of the User, and financial and credit card information may be requested according to the TiiQu Privacy policy. In case you are requested to provide data, You agree to provide truthful information. You accept and recognise that you are solely responsible for the information, text, image, videos, data, files and programs contained in your personal space or on your personal page.

2.2 Operation of the Service 

TIIQU will do everything possible to ensure correct operation of the Services and to provide the Services to you 24/7. Nonetheless, TIIQU only has an obligation of means regarding access to and use of the Services. TIIQU cannot guarantee that the functions offered by the Services will always be available or free of typographical, technical or other errors, that faults will be corrected or that the Services or servers that host it will be free from viruses or bugs. TIIQU does not guarantee that the operation of the Services is continuous or error-free. 

You are solely responsible for the security of your access to Services. If the Services are provided through a personal invitation, TIIQU cannot be held responsible in any way if your personal invitation is stolen. You also acknowledge that you are presumed to be the User of your personal invitation and the person responsible for actions undertaken via your access to the Service. You acknowledge that You, and not TIIQU, are responsible for all electronic communications and Content sent by You and that You must use the Service in keeping with the applicable laws and regulations. 

Articles 3. Description of Services

The herein article of these Terms&Conditions apply to the following Services provided by TiiQu to the Users through the Website and the TiiQu mobile applications:  

  1. TiiQu Account

  2. PDF2A

  3. QUTII

  4. MyTiiQu mobile

  5. TiiQu Events

1) TiiQu Account

TiiQu enables You to become a member of the TiiQu community and receive information about its initiatives. 

TiiQu gives You the possibility to create your personal profile within the dedicated section of the Website, you agree that your TiiQu Account is strictly personal and that you are responsible for providing truthful information. You acknowledge that the information and content that you share or post, by accessing your TiiQu Account, may be seen by other Users, Visitors or others (including off of the Services). 


PDF2QA is a Web-based software accessible through the site pdf2qa ( to transform the text contained into a file having PDF extension into Questions and Answers (Q&A). Users can upload the PDF file by clicking the relevant button and download the Q&As generated from the PDF by tapping the "download" button. To use PDF2QA You expressly acknowledge and declare that: 

2.1. You have all the required rights to process the PDF file uploaded or that the entire text contained in the uploaded PDF is covered by the CC BY-SA license or similar standard.

2.. To grant TiiQu a perpetual, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable, non-exclusive royalty-free licence to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, promote and process the Q&A without any further consent or notice

2.3. not to raise any compensation or indemnification request to TiiQu for the licence under point (2).

2.4.  Out of respect for authors' rights, pdf2qa refrains from storing copyrighted content. Unless you indicate that your document is copyrighted it may become a publicly shared Q&A in QuTii. You therefore commit to indicate the copyright status of your text by clicking 'non-shareable' before the download.

3) QuTIi

QUTII is a web-based knowledge discovery platform. It is a non-profit project supported and developed by TiiQu. You can access QUTII from the website https://qutii.orgBy accessing QUTII, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Your engagement ensures the continuous enhancement of this knowledge-sharing platform.

3.1.Source of Knowledge: QUTII retrieves information from open-access research publishers and partner repositories, ensuring a diverse and credible knowledge base.

3.2. Pdf2qa Application: QUTII integrates content generated by users through the pdf2qa application, employing advanced algorithms and human oversight to validate eligible Questions and Answers (QNA).

3.3. Continuous Information Processing: The library continually processes data, enabling users to explore correlated, similar, and contradictory information, enhancing the depth of understanding.

3.4. Contributors' Community: Expert users meeting eligibility criteria will be gradually invited to join the contributors' community, enriching the knowledge pool through their insights and expertise.

3.5. Partner Selection: QUTII has the discretion to accept or decline partners, ensuring the quality and reliability of the information integrated into the library.

3.6. Free Access: QUTII library access is perpetually free for all users, allowing unrestricted browsing. Advanced features will be developed for sophisticated users with community support and guidance.

4) MyTiiQu

MyTiiQu is an on-invitation-only mobile self-development application allowing Users to answer questions to test their skills, convert results into blockchain-based proofs, grow their reputation made up of such proofs and verified credentials, and eventually share credentials with third parties. 

As a result of taking questions, Users can achieve 5 different levels of competency and continuously improve such scores by taking further questions. Users reaching the top level of competency can be invited to join the QUTII library of Truth as validators, gain additional credits and grow in a global leaderboard by competency category. Additional features of MyTiiQu may include 1) collection of any type of credential into an eportfolio, 2) paid verification of one's credentials, 3) paid conversion of validation into blockchain-based credentials, 4) Skilld@ free taking skills’ tests, 5) free benchmark one's knowledge against the crowd, 6) free sharing the TiiQU score derived from credentials collected into the eportfolio.  

5) TiiQu Events, Podcasts and GreenTruth Conference

TiiQu offers Users access to several event formats either online or physically. The online events are offered through the meeting platform chosen by TiiQu according to the policies and conditions of the meeting platform provider.

Users can: • participate in the events; • share images from the webcam or screen during online events; • respond to polls during online events; • ask questions during the events; • send chat messages during online events; • review the recording at the end of the event if the recording is activated. Exhibitors of the GreenTruth Conference adhere to the specific T&C of the Conference when they sign up as exhibitors. 

You only have a right of access to the Service through a strictly personal invitation which is sent to you. 

The User of an online event accepts the recording, the use and the broadcasting of his or her image, his/her speech and any content broadcast as part of the recording of an event. In case of your direct contribution, including attendance as a speaker, to the contents of an event, You expressly acknowledge and accept to

5.1. Be recognised as the owner of such contents

5.2. To grant TiiQu a perpetual, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable, non-exclusive royalty-free licence to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, promote and process the contents without any further consent or notice

5.3. Not to raise any compensation or indemnification request to TiiQu for the contents, nor for the time, efforts or resources employed for, or in relation, their creation. In case you accept to be a speaker for a TiiQu Event, you acknowledge that TiiQu may publish at any time some of your personal data, including name, profile picture and job position, in any section of the Website, of the TiiQu mobile applications or in any other channel, including social network.

Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall create or confer employee, worker, agent, consultant or partner status on and for the contribution to the TiiQu event. 

The User cannot interfere with the ordinary course of the event, alter in any way the recording or cause any interruption, interference or disruption to the event.

As a user or speaker at any TiiQu Event or Podcast, You agree that

5.4. TiiQu is not responsible for the conduct of any of the speakers or other attendees at such events, (

5.5. TiiQu does not endorse any particular event listed

5.6. TiiQu does not review and/or vet any of these events

5.7. TiiQu shall not be liable on any basis for any statement, information or assumption made by any of the event’s speakers or attendees during the event, and 5.8. You will adhere to these Terms & Conditions that apply to such events.

Article 4. Duration and Termination

If not differently specified, access to the Service is given to the Users for the duration provided by their personal invitation.

You can end the license for a specific content at any time by deleting such content from the applicable Service, or generally by closing your account, except (a) to the extent you shared it with others as part of the Service and they copied, re-shared it or stored it and (b) for the reasonable time it takes to remove from backup and other systems.

Notwithstanding the above, the author, or the designated representative, of the Submitted Contents published in QUTII or ingested by PDF2QA, or the User who has directly contributed to the content of a TiiQu event, can request at any time the cancellation of the Submitted Contents, or of the Users’ direct contribution to the TiiQu event, by writing to TiiQu will have fourteen working days, after the receiving of the notice, for operating the requested cancellation from the system.

Article 5. User's general obligations 

You are not authorised to use devices, programs, algorithms or other automatic methods of the type known as "deep link", "crawlers", "robots", or any other similar manual process or their equivalents to access, acquire, copy or monitor any part of TIIQU or the Content, nor to reproduce the navigational structure or the presentation of TIIQU or the Content to obtain or try to obtain data, documents or information by means not intentionally made available to you by TIIQU. TIIQU reserves the right to prohibit this type of activity. You must not try to illicitly access any Service function or section, not any other system or network connected to the Service or a TIIQU server by computer piracy, stealing of passwords or any other unlawful means. You must not try to probe, analyse or test the vulnerability of the Services or any network connected to the Services, nor infringe the security and authentication measures that have been set up on the Website and on the Services or the networks connected to the Services. You are not authorised to reverse look-up, trace or attempt to trace information on other Services, Users or Visitors, nor exploit the Service or information made available or offered on or via the Services, in any manner whatsoever, with the aim of revealing this information, particularly personal identifying information or information other than your own information, as it appears on the Services. You undertake not to take any action that would impose an excessive or unreasonable burden on the Service infrastructure, the Website, PDF2QA, QUTII, MYTIIQU or the TIIQU systems or networks, or any other system or network connected to Service or TIIQU. You must not pretend to be or to represent another person, or pass Yourself off as another physical or legal entity. You must not use the Services or the Content for an unlawful goal or one that is prohibited by these Terms & Conditions, nor with the aim of encouraging activity that is illegal or infringes the rights of TIIQU or third parties. 


Article 6. User obligations in terms of content 

You are reminded that only Users are responsible for the content they broadcast on the Internet, on the Services and in their dedicated space or profile. Under no circumstances can TIIQU be considered responsible for content created by the User, nor for any activity resulting from the interaction of Users in violation with these Terms & Conditions. The Users undertake full responsibility to ensure that their content does not infringe the rights of third parties, and in particular: 

Any content created by the User by using any Service must not incite:

  • to hatred, violence, suicide, racism, homophobia, or crimes against humanity; 

  • to commit a crime, an offence or an act of terrorism or encourage suicide; 

  • to discriminate against a person or group of persons because they belong to an ethnic group, a religion, a race or due to their sexual orientation or disability. 

The content published by the User must not: 

  • infringe or be contrary to public order, public decency or wound the sensibilities of children; 

  • harm the rights to reputation, to private life and image of third parties; 

  • be denigratory or defamatory, in the strict sense of the law; 

  • harm the image, the reputation of a brand or of any physical or legal person; 

  • threaten the security or integrity of a State or a territory, whatever it is; 

  • harm the intellectual property rights of any natural or legal person whatsoever;

  • conduct selling or spamming activities;

  • violate any principle contained within the Code of Ethics adopted by TiiQu.

In order to comply with its obligations to combat clearly illegal content, TIIQU may retain Users’ connection data for submitting the data related to the illicit activities to authorities in charge.

Prior to any publication or diffusion, the User undertakes to take cognizance of any rules and limits concerning freedom of expression. Freedom of expression permits criticism, reporting information that is verified and proved; it does not permit denigration and defamation. Any denigration, defamation or allegation of information that is inaccurate or deliberately abridged to alter its meaning may result in legal action against the author. 


Article 7. Intellectual property

All of the text, graphics, user interfaces, photographs, commercial brands, logos, sounds, music, illustrations and IT code (collectively designated by the term "Intellectual Content"), particularly the design, structure, selection, coordination, expression, appearance, the presentation and layout of the Intellectual content, appearing on the Website on QUTII , PDF2QA and MYTIIQU App and on the Services is held, controlled or transferred under licence by or to TIIQU, and is protected by all the applicable legislation related to intellectual property and unfair competition. No section of the Services, the Website  MyTiiQu App or any Content may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, published, exhibited in public, encoded, translated, transmitted or broadcast in any manner whatsoever (including by "mirroring") on another computer, server, website or publishing or broadcast medium, or for any commercial enterprise whatever, without prior written agreement from TIIQU. 

You can use the information about TIIQU and Services intentionally made available by TIIQU for downloading, on the condition that (1) you do not delete the copyright notices on the copies of these documents, (2) you use this information for your personal use for non-commercial purposes and you do not copy and do not publish the information on a network computer and do not broadcast it in any medium whatsoever, (3) you do not make changes to this information and (4) you do not offer any commitment or guarantee about the content of these documents. 

It is recalled that any content produced by the User during an event remains the property of the User and that ownership thereof shall not be transferred to TIIQU. Moreover, TIIQU cannot be considered responsible for the content of Websites or personal pages of the User (sites, personal blogs of the User which are accessed externally or internally to the Services). 


Article 8. Liabilities and Guarantee 

TIIQU cannot be held responsible for unavailability, interruption or malfunction of the Website or the Services, for whatever reason and, particularly, in the case of a fault in its internet access provider, its hosting service, the intrusion of a third party or force majeure. TIIQU cannot be held responsible for the inconveniences and harm that are an inherent risk associated with use of the internet, such as the presence of viruses or malware.

TiiQu shall not be liable on any basis towards any third party for the accuracy, truth or reliability of any Users’ contents, information, statement, text, image, videos, data, files and program. 

Tiiqu shall in no case be responsible for any infringement of image or intellectual property rights made by one of its Users. Tiiqu shall in no case be responsible for lost profits or lost business opportunities, reputation (e.g., offensive or defamatory statements), loss of data (e.g., down time or loss, use of, or changes to, your information or content) or any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for hypertext links and internet addresses that you submit by using the Services and guarantee TIIQU, its subsidiaries, directors, agents and employees against any dispute or claim regarding these links. TIIQU does not provide a guarantee against and cannot be considered responsible for the loss or alteration of files or data that the User transfers to his/her personal profile on the Service. The User agrees to transfer his or her data and files knowingly and under their sole responsibility.


Article 9. Personal Data 

TiiQu collects and processes some of the User's personal data (the "Data") under the conditions provided for by the Privacy Policy. TiiQu will not sell the Data nor provide the Data to third parties. We use the Data that you provide and that we have about Users to make recommendations for features or content that may be useful to you for enjoying the Services more. We use the Data to recommend specific Services or features, including skills tests, skills exploration, learning or educational content to grow your personal value on the labor market. Keeping the Data in your profile accurate and up to date helps us to make these recommendations more accurate and relevant. The Privacy Policy and its contents are an integral part of these Terms & Conditions. TIIQU assures the User that his or her Data will be collected and processed in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council dated 27 April 2016 (the "Regulation"). The User is invited to consult the Privacy Policy, where a more detailed account of the conditions of collection and processing of the User's Data can be found. 

Article 10. Sanctions 

If one or more provisions of these Terms & Conditions, or any other policy written by TIIQU are violated, TIIQU reserves the right to terminate or limit, without any prior warning and at its sole discretion, your use and access to the Services, your account and all other Services. 


Article 11. Modification 

TIIQU reserves the right to alter the Terms & Conditions. Each change will take effect from the time it is put online on the Website and on the Service. 


Article 12. Severance

If any part of these Terms & Conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, these Terms & Conditions shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make them valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant part shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of such part under this clause shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these Terms & Conditions.


Article 13. Applicable law – Competent jurisdiction 

Notwithstanding the country in which the User accesses the Website and uses the Services, these Terms & Conditions are exclusively governed by English law. Given the global nature of the Internet, Users are reminded that they must also comply with the rules applicable in the territory in which they are accessing the Website or using the Services. Users are therefore reminded that they must check in advance the compliance of their actions on the Website and the Services with respect to the laws and regulations in force in the territory in which they are performing these actions and operations. In the event of a dispute or claim from the User, from TiiQu or a third party, concerning use of the Services, only the version of these Terms & Conditions accessible on the Website will have binding force between the parties, whatever the date of the disputed facts. 

TiiQu and the User must perform their obligations in good faith. In the event of disputes related to the interpretation, validity and consequences of these Terms & Conditions, the User is invited to contact TiiQu at the following address: 


Last updated: October 19, 2023 

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