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TiiQu's TruthTech harnesses AI and blockchain to combat misinformation, foster critical thinking, enable accurate information dissemination globally, and empower individuals' self-development. 
prioritize environmental information, addressing humanity's pressing risk, before safeguarding truth in all vulnerable areas and offering a universal source for truth open to all. 

In a world of uncertainty and misinformation, TiiQu and QuTii serve as a trusted compass, fostering trust in reliable information and enabling trustful collaboration. 



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Truth is a dynamic and multi-perspective concept that can only be co-created. It emerges from a collaborative effort, where the more diverse voices and viewpoints are involved, the better we can define a shared truth that guides, engages, and uplifts humanity towards preservation and growth. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that society progressively adheres to a new way of co-creating, disseminating, and accessing truth. Embracing this process fosters informed decisions and unity in our pursuit of a better world.

Educators, researchers, and environmentalists can leverage AI-driven tools to collaboratively co-create and disseminate dynamic, multi-perspective truths, fostering a shared understanding that guides humanity towards sustainability and growth. 

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In the race between speed and reliability, environment, sustainability, and energy agencies can prioritize trust-building encourage critical thinking among their stakeholders and minimize the impact of manipulated information.

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Trust is the outcome of several factors aligning to turn human "belief" or understanding into solid "knowledge." In today's fast-paced world, the rush for quick information often leads to prioritizing speed over reliability, causing many decisions to rely on what we or others believe. This rush for quick decisions, often based on unverified or incorrect information, has a damaging impact, creating mistrust in human relationships, businesses, and actions. This mistrust is exacerbated by the manipulation of data by those with vested interests. Building trust requires a culture that seeks dependable sources and critically assesses information.


Misinformation and fake news pose significant risks from various perspectives.

From a decision-making standpoint, they can lead to ill-informed choices with far-reaching consequences. From a critical thinking angle, they erode the foundations of rational discourse and undermine societal cohesion. Lastly, from an innovation perspective, the propagation of false information can stifle progress, divert resources, and hinder the development of effective solutions. Combating misinformation is essential for informed choices, a resilient society, and a fertile ground for true innovation.

You can help combat the pervasive influence of fake news and misinformation to ensure yourself and others' informed decision-making and foster a culture of positive innovation. 

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QUTII is a TIIQU project registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee  without share capital  in England and Wales 14714464

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