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Your Certiif explained

Certiif is the only blockchain-based certificate that institutions, organizations and non-profits can create, issue and publish to the blockchain without the need of a platform or a third party. As the holder of a Certiif, you can be sure that your certificate can only be accessed by those with whom you choose to share it. 

A Certiif is issued with the Certiif certification system powered by TiiQu. This technology can be used for timestamping any kind of information that must be written in stone and still remain easily verifiable by third parties. Typically, these are credentials, formal and informal learning certificates, permits, health test results, health certificates and business documents. The open-source Veriif allows verification of a Certiif at any time, from anywhere free of charge. (Blockchain simply explained here

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It aids the proving of the  veracity and integrity of your claim

Your Certiif is instantly verifiable forever with any scanner or by a click on the Veriif link provided at the bottom of the certificate. Even if the issuer disappears, your Certiif will still be verifiable.

You will never need to ask anyone for further validation of your certificate and verification is free.

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You will always stay in full control of your data

None can access your data on the blockchain without permission. In fact, your data is not published on-chain.

The meta-data contained in your digital certiif allows the verifier to match the information with the "hash" published to the blockchain. A "Hash" is a short string that cannot be back-linked to the original data from which it is derived.  

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You will always be able to prove that your claim is true

 "Immutable" means that none (even not the issuer) can alter or delete the content of your certificate after its issuance. The immutability of information published by the entity that is entitled to validate certain information, makes the information irrefutably trustworthy. A claim validated by a blockchain-based credential can be trusted as true.

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