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1. Truth is an essential resource

At TiiQu and QuTii, we firmly believe that truth is an invaluable resource for our planet's existence. It must not be corrupted, distorted, or concealed for the benefit of political or corporate interests that prioritize profit over our planet's well-being.

Step into the realm of TiiQu and QuTii's TruthTech Manifesto!

Your signature supports the crucial dissemination of science-based information, countering misleading falsehoods that hinder decision-making and critical thinking for future generations. As a signatory, you'll enjoy priority access to TruthTech - technologies facilitating the finding and dissemination of fact-based information shaping a future of transparency and authenticity together.


Thank You.

2. Truth is the key to Restoration

We believe truth is the crucial tool to develop solutions and reverse damage to our planet's climate, flora, and fauna before it's too late.

We strongly believe

3. Faltering Truth, Crumbles Trust

We believe that without truth, there can be no trust. Our foundation for knowledge must rely on fidelity-first sharing of fact-based information, ensuring its validation and accuracy.

4. Embracing Truth Through Inquiry

We firmly believe that truth is better comprehended by exploring multiple questions rather than relying on potentially biased single answers. Our advocacy centres around making these crucial questions accessible to all, ensuring that the answers are available for everyone to access and implement and measure.

5. Accessible Truth rewards its contributors

We acknowledge that verified truth is an invaluable resource in safeguarding our future. It must be readily accessible to all who seek it, with its worth duly recognized. The creators, publishers, and verifiers of verified truth deserve just recognition and reward for their diligent efforts.

6. Time for a Trustworthy Home for Truth

TiiQu and QuTii are committed to:
Leverage emerging technologies to create, maintain and help disseminate Truth empowering global trust and truth-seekers.
Growing a secure haven for verified truth to foster fact-based knowledge dissemination,
Empower the Movement for TruthTech and its Contributors
Counteract fake news and misleading information

We firmly commit


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