Truths is an essential resource

We are TiiQu and QuTii. And we believe that the truth is a resource too valuable and too essential for our continued existence on our planet to be corrupted, distorted or hidden for the benefit of political, or corporate entities, who put policies and profit above the well-being of our planet.


Truth is the key to developing solutions

We believe that the truth is the most important tool at our disposal to begin developing solutions which will arrest and reverse the damage we have done to our planet’s climate, flora and fauna before it becomes impossible to do so.


Is now time for a new dynamic trust mechanism

We believe that as the 11th hour approaches, we must create a mechanism of trust in order that we can be certain that the research, data, and knowledge that we are sharing and using is truthful, validated, and copied with the utmost fidelity.


Truth lies at the end of good questions

We believe that through asking questions the truth will be uncovered. And we believe that the answers to these questions should be available for all to access.


Verified truth accessible to all and contributors rewarded for their work

We recognise that the value of verified truth, is the most valuable resource we have in ensuring our future. Verified truth should be accessible to all who wish to use it, its value must be recognised, its creators, publishers and verifiers should be rewarded for their work.


Verified truth needs  a home

We believe that the verified truth needs a home, a centre from which it can be accessed, trusted and available to all. A centre that can provide an opposition the propaganda, lies, and malignant intentions of global bad actors with the ability and motive to manufacture and disseminate untruths at a scale, never seen before in our history.