TiiQu Tech Talks

  • Does sustainable eHealth exist?
    Mon, 24 Jan
    Online panel discussion
    eHealth conveys the promises and excitement of bringing e-commerce to health care or extra services for the wellbeing of employees or remote workers. However, 82% of healthcare organizations that have so far deployed medical IoT devices have experienced cyberattacks.
  • Empowering women: success stories
    Wed, 26 Jan
    Online panel discussion
    Women empowerment is proven to be also smart economics: a vital element to enhance business productivity and to catalyse economic growth, social cohesion and social justice. We'll learn from some successful case-studies.
  • A.M.A.  for Contributors of Knowledge
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, 28 Jan
    recurrent online Q&A
    30-min full immersion in the MyTiiQu project and how you can be part of tribes of experts who contribute knowledge into the "Wikipedia of Questions".
  • Is Quantum Computing a thing?
    Wed, 02 Feb
    Online panel discussion
    Scientists claim to have achieved “quantum supremacy”, a breakthrough that could change the course of computing history. How?
  • Climate Risk Management | The secret sauce
    Wed, 09 Feb
    Online panel discussion
    Daniel Klier (Chief of Staff to the CEO of Global Banking & Markets and Global Head of Sustainable Finance, HSBC and CFRF Risk Management Working Group Chair said at WeForum : “The important thing is to act now, get started and iterate your approach. Climate change will not wait for us. ..
  • 5G: is it going to happen?
    Wed, 16 Feb
    Online panel discussion
    Key questions to be answered by experts operating in the 5G space: 1. What is the state-of-the-art of 5G technology? 2. What do the 5G standards and related patents look like? 3. Which are the 5G applications for industry 4.0? (...)
  • Infrastructure: SDG9 will we meet the goal?
    Wed, 23 Feb
    Online panel discussion
    Key questions to be discussed in a rich 60-min Q&A session around sustainable infrastructure: 1. What is a sustainable infrastructure? 2. What do we mean by "sustainable infrastructure for climate change resilience"? 3. In what consists a "sustainable energy infrastructure"? (...)
  • Does Edge AI amplify AI risks?
    Wed, 02 Mar
    Online panel discussion
    An intense 60-minutes Q&A today, looking into Edge Computing and Edge AI
  • SDGs vs ESGs: is there a “Better” Measure of Sustainability?
    Wed, 09 Mar
    Online panel discussion
    As sustainability has become a top value indicator for investors and a key decision-making factor for consumers, companies are searching for effective ways to measure and prove their sustainable contributions. But with so many subjective interpretations of what constitutes THE measure?
  • Cybersecurity Mesh: All good?
    Wed, 16 Mar
    Online panel discussion
    As IAM challenges become more complex, many organizations are falling short in terms of skills and resources to manage them effectively. That’s why some think that cybersecurity mesh can be found alongside distributed cloud and AI engineering as one of strategic technology trends for 2021. Is it ..
  • Bridging the educational gap | What is success in SDG4?
    Wed, 23 Mar
    Online panel discussion
    The educational gap is not only related to children in school, education is everywhere and the realization of all SDGs depends on education. What can be defined success, where and how the educational gab is bridged?
  • Immersive technology in healthcare
    Wed, 30 Mar
    Online panel discussion
    The different types of Immersive Technology are 360, VR, AR, MR, and XR will have a huge impact in the future of a good portion of industries, this time, we will explore immersive technologies for healthcare
  •  Sustainable Products will win Gen-Z favour | Who is in?
    Wed, 06 Apr
    Online panel discussion
    Gen Z is aware of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the responsibility they must try and fix these issues. Research suggests that 54% of these young adults think a company’s environmental and social efforts are very or critical. How can companies adapt to meet Gen-Z expectations?
  • Can Sustainable Agriculture Fix the Broken Food System?
    Wed, 13 Apr
    Online panel discussion
    sustainable agriculture is intended to protect the environment, maintain soil fertility, and even expand the natural resource base of the earth. Where are the best existing projects?
  • Sustainable finance | A trade-off?
    Wed, 27 Apr
    Online panel discussion
    Risk plays a central role for investments with a long time horizon. Many empirical studies show the advantages of ESG integration on the risks characteristics of individual asset classes. What do asset management experts say on sustainable finance?