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Tue, 24 Sept


Online Conference in 3D environment

Clean Air Clean Water

The Clean Air Clean Water Day of the Green Truth Conference offers an interactive, 3D environment with live-streaming video keynotes, breakout sessions and the possibility to visit booths and have 1:1 conversations via text or video call with environment improvement stakeholders.

Clean Air Clean Water
Clean Air Clean Water

Time & Location

24 Sept 2024, 09:00 – 23:50 BST

Online Conference in 3D environment

About the Conference

About the Clean Air Clean Water Day

Breathing in polluted air affects our health, reduces our life expectancy, and costs our society billions of pounds each year. It is estimated that two million healthy life years are lost in Europe due to the impacts of poor air quality, making the need to improve the air we breathe in and reduce the pollution we produce a clear priority. Furthermore, Water quality degradation translates directly into environmental, social and economic problems. The availability of the world’s scarce water resources is increasingly limited due to the worsening pollution of freshwater resources caused by the disposal of large quantities of insufficiently treated, or untreated, wastewater into rivers, lakes, aquifers and coastal waters.

Brilliant researchers and innovators are working hard to help the world to meet ambitious goals however, a lot needs to be done in terms of awareness dissemination about challenges, solutions and opportunities. 

About the Green Truth Conference 

The Green Truth Conference is the answer to the growing need for information to be widely spread but trustworthy, for collaboration to be open and cross-disciplinary and for knowledge to be distributed and co-created. TiiQu - a Community Interest Company focused on truth and trust-enabling technologies, created the GTC for a new generation of trusted leaders who are sustainability-driven, environment-conscious, truth-empowered, and co-creation minded.

All content of the conference is made available in the form of Questions and Answers on QuTii - the non-profit open library of truth on the environment. 

How it works

All Green Truth Conferences are virtual events organized in thematic days, delivering a highly interactive, 3D environment with live-streaming video keynotes, breakout sessions and the possibility to visit booths and have 1:1 conversations via text or video call with all partners and members.   Join from around the globe to get the latest environment-solutions announcements, upgrade notices, and professional development content straight to your screen. It also features on-demand breakout sessions and partners' talks on the show floor.

You don’t even have to leave your home or office!

Who is the Conference for

We are on a mission to give a fully comprehensive hub for relevant knowledge exchange to Environment experts, innovators, educators and investors who are ready to share their wisdom to help the planet!

Key features of the GTC platform

What the Green Truth Conference has to offer:

  • Talks, Panels and Breakout sessions with live Q&A
  • Online chat and video capabilities with Environment experts and leaders
  • Book 1:1 meetings with partners you want to work with or learn from
  • Access to partners’ virtual booths
  • Downloadable resources
  • Gamified Q&A giving access to the Environment Leaderboard


   09:00 am CET                             

  • Event starts      09:15 am CET                             
  • Auditorium: Morning keynote

10:00 am ~12:00 pm CET      

  • Auditorium: Talks agenda 
  • Exhibition area - partners' booths: 1:1 meetings

12:15 pm CET                              

  • Auditorium: Late morning keynote

01:00 ~3:00 pm CET                

  • Virtual lounge: break time and chats
  •  Partners' virtual booths: pre-booked meetings as to Partner's agenda
  •  Random on the platform: Q&A on the environment competition
  •  Auditorium: talks and presentation as to agenda      03:15 pm CET                           
  • Auditorium: Afternoon keynote      4:15 ~ 7:00 pm CET               
  • Virtual booths: 1:1 meetings 
  • Auditorium: talks as to Agenda      08:30 pm  CET                             
  • Event closes


  • Free

    This is a free ticket giving full entry rights to the event and holders can access all features of the platform including booking meetings with exhibitors.

  • Supporter

    With your donation you support the Green Truth Conference and help us expand the reach of the initiative. Any donation from as little as £1,00 is welcome.




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