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COP27 and a call to arms for Angels of Truth

As COP 27 gets underway in Egypt, it is becoming clearer than ever that knowing the truth about the real state of our planet is critical because without knowing the true consequences of our behaviour on the climate, we cannot even begin to change our behaviour.

As can be seen even before the COP started, the truth was being manipulated, distorted, and corrupted, and the usual slick smoke and mirror version of the truth was being polished and perfected by wealthy, powerful vested interests and their acolyte spin doctors and PR companies. However, despite the half-truths, propaganda and misinformation, the truth is also being presented at COP, and more importantly, is accessible at COP... if we ask for it.

From questions comes the truth TiiQu and QuTii believe that from questions comes the truth, we believe in questioning what we are being told, and we believe in making the answers to these questions available to all mankind. While we cannot block the creation of misinformation, we can mitigate its spread by increasing the spread of information and by encouraging more questions, questioning, and answers. To do this, to protect the truth and to establish a foundation of truth from which to secure a future for all life planet we need the help of angels.

Are you an angel?

I have chosen to use the events at COP27 as a wake-up call, a call to arms for those who refuse to accept the dithering, delays and compromises which fail to heed the warnings that our planet is in immediate peril.

This is a call to arms for Angels of Truth to join us To ask for the truth, to protect the truth, and to verify and disseminate the truth. Truth to help the world understand the true state of our planet...and decide for themselves what our future should be. During and after COP27, a lot of papers, opinions, reports and decisions based on presented data will be released, however, there is a way to screen information from disinformation. Until now... With the outcome of COP27, Our Angels for Truth will collaborate with QuTii to convert the outcome of COP27 talks into questions and answers. These initial Q&As will be made available on the open non-profit wiki QuTii to encourage further questions and answers and a p2p crowd will determine what the truth is. Our aim is to make verified truth available to all, to be used to establish a full picture of the state of our planet, and use this knowledge to demand change, plan change and implement change. There is no more valuable opportunity for starting than with COP27.

Join us, be one of the Angels that will liberate us and generations to come from manipulation, induced indifference, and the belief that nothing can be done. Join the Angels of Truth Learn about TiiQu Visit QuTii


TiiQu is a Community Interest Company registered at the Companies House of England and Wales (Co.n. 10155328). QuTii is a TiiQu initiative pending registration as a Charitable Foundation with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Application n.5198868).


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