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What do adolescents' view on climate, human-modified habitats and decarbonization have in common?

The QuTii library is getting richer with pages that span from "Ecology in human-modified habitats in Ethiopia", to "inclusive wealth and sustainable development", touching base on "The economics of biodiversity as a study in portfolio management" and "Riverscape ecosystem restoration using natural solutions" and much more. When we apply the usual way of thinking that sees related topics as the natural prosecution of one another, this seems a non-sense combination of topics.

However, innovative thinking requires a new approach to reading, searching and pasting together pieces of knowledge.

AOTs use AI in the opposite way from many others: they look for good questions generated from reliable sources not for answers originated from randomly assembled content. If we can generate more relevant questions, we will then access more answers that help us become free thinkers. The apparent disorder of unrelated topics is slowly composing unchartered thinking maps of questions stimulating [again] the critical thinking of everyone.

W AOT, the truth lies at the end of good questions

What is new at TiiQu and QuTii 1) We welcome new entries 🎈

AOTs : We are delighted to be joined by Thembi Chihambakwe NIck Ho and Ansa Baby joined Reza, Vincent and Amit taking the science team to 5! Non-Journal: Beside Neill Slater we now welcome Jana Bakr, Neill recently wrote two well-researched articles about Cultured meat and Electric Planes

Well done Thembi, Nick, Ansa and Jana! Thank you for joining us! 2) The Green Truth Conference is accelerating!

Youth Alliances wanted! We are exploring partnerships with youth Alliances active in emerging countries: what is better than bringing the stakeholders of the future in the conversation about their future? Are you among them? Then please keep in touch! Call for innovative thought leaders! We are working on the panel discussion plan for the Decarbonization, Climate Change, Sustainable Food and Clean Air & Water Days, part of the program will be allocated to innovative thought leaders, if you feel you want to share innovative views on endemic issues we want to hear you! Apply to participate here! Innovative Startups and solutions providers Did you know? As a green innovator, you can have a dedicated booth and a slot in the Auditorium to broadcast your innovation, don't miss the opportunity join early here we want to learn from you!

Learn more about the Green Truth Conference here

Explore Conference Days here Sign up as Exhibitor here

3) QuTii partnership

Research dissemination Did you conduct scientific research and do you want to broadcast your findings on environment-related issues and solutions? Are you part of a Research Hub conducting environmental research that deserves to be widely spread? QuTii can help to widely spread innovative ideas that are supported by scientific research, and provide a shared square for multi-disciplinary discussion on green innovation. Keep in touch to learn more about the library of environmental truth and how we can partner with Universities, Research hubs and Independent Researchers here or download this short brief (Work email is required for download).

We are proud to announce the collaboration with some brilliant members of the Global Sustainable Futures Partnerships Network members, other partnerships are on the way!

3) New pages on QuTii

NEW Ecology in human-modified habitats in Ethiopia here

NEW Water allocation optimization in Gidabo Dam and Gidabo watershed here

NEW Impacts of conservation measures in Gumara watershed here

NEW Inclusive wealth and sustainable development here

NEW Diversity in cities here

NEW Sociological aspects of vehicles run by alternative fuels here NEW Impact of air pollution on pro-environmental behaviour here NEW Adolescent's views on the local and global environment here

NEW Riverscape ecosystem restoration using natural solutions here

NEW Natural ecosystems as assets here

NEW The economics of biodiversity as a study in portfolio management here

NEW Inclusive wealth and sustainable development here COP27 Decision Documents: Implementation of climate action of agriculture and food security here Decarbonization of heat demand here The sociological aspects of vehicles run by alternative fuels here COP27 Decision documents: Global environment facility here Compostable plastic here Plastic waste management here

Cloud Seeding here

Coal in Net-Zero transition here Ecological impact of grazing here

Nature-positive urban development here

Food production impacts here

Marine and coastal habits here

COP27 decision documents | Global environment facility here

COP27 Paris Committee on capacity building for 2022 here

Clean energy investments here

Biodiversity Decline here

Biodiversity indicators here

Soil biodiversity here

Plants diversity here

Impact of biodiversity on malnutrition here

Drivers of biodiversity loss here

No Net Loss in biodiversity (NNL) here

COP27 Documents | Report of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building for 2022 here

COP27 Documents | 5th Biennial Assessment and Overview of Climate Finance Flows here

COP27 Decision documents - Revision of the UNF CCC reporting guidelines here

Clean energy investments here

Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage here

Treaty implementation and compliance here

Standing Committee on Finance here

The Green Climate Fund here

Emissions Global Landscape 2022 here

The climate change glossary here

Decarbonization in Japan here

Decarbonization Day: MARS here

Adaptation Agenda here

Climate change evidence here

Innovative finance here

Investment emissions here

Elements of reform here

Assessing and measuring risk and cost of capital here

Debt sustainability here

Insure against shock here

The carbon credit scheme here

Private philanthropy and aligning financial flows here

Finance for climate action here

Food security here

Just transition here

Youth Day -Youth Global issues here

Youth-led Climate Forum here Diversity in cities here Youth Day - African youth here


Do you sympathise with our goals and aims? There are multiple ways how you can collaborate, here are a couple of ideas, more to come!

AOT; Researchers, scientists, Writers, and Journalists can join AOTs and help convert documents from COP27 into bite-size knowledge ready for validation. To learn more, schedule a call here or read Manifesto

Non-Journal contributors: Environmentalists and Green Innovators can contribute to growing awareness about green innovation. Talk to us

NGOs, Research hubs, Academies, and Green Innovators can take an active part in the Green Truth Conference

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