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Cynic perpetuators or sustainability dreamers?

Image: Stefan Keller | Pixabay

I am a flexitarian having been vegetarian a few times in my life". I appreciated Alex Crisp’s transparency about his approach to reducing meat consumption. His conversation with Chris Kraus was an honest look into how environmental thoughts slowly challenge beliefs and habits. Asking oneself questions is not the same as change but is a recognition of the need for change. Every cultural change moves from recognizing the state-of-the-art. The shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle is already ongoing although some ignore it.

More and more customers are slowly but securely changing to a sustainable lifestyle, including not only food and beverage but also cosmetics and other products. The pressure on production is enormous. And the good thing is that people are starting to ask for more, GenZ in particular, but not exclusively prefer sustainability to better prices.

Investors - who notoriously have the "traction mantra" and therefore carefully monitor consumers' trends - look with interest to green start-ups.

The American Dream vs the EU Dream We are the change we want to see. Our culture is our ability to take ownership of our choices and over responsibility to facilitate change.

Beliefs and values are probably the most critical elements of culture. Values provide the standard for discerning what is good behaviour, while beliefs are individuals' convictions of truth. We all share the set of beliefs that we experienced during our childhood. The American Dream is the origin of Americans' value that wealth is good and important. European Countries articulated a different dream that projects in a future of quality of life, sustainability, peace and harmony. When the quality of life rather than unlimited individual accumulation of wealth is the value, the very material basis of modern progress becomes a thing of the past. This dream is the end of a chapter, and the start of a new one takes humanity out of the old conceptualization of good and bad and projects them into a new dream.

Make sure you are not a perpetuator of old systems and you are not dreaming the dream of someone else

Moving towards a more sustainable world requires fighting cynical denials and three elements to work together simultaneously; innovation, culture and economics. Where "Economics" refers to choices or decisions made by individuals, businesses, and governments regarding the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, while innovation and culture are part of individuals' decision-making processes.

Without innovation and a culture of sustainability firmly embedded in our decision-making, we can only be the perpetuators of existing systems and dream the dream of someone else.

I e-meet dozens of organizations big and small that are effectively making a difference. There are leaders out there who embrace the EU dream and sacrifice wealth for the long-term vision of a sustainable project. These innovators are sparks of hope, they hugely help to disseminate a culture of sustainable innovation and limit the devastating effects of cynic perpetuators of business as usual and a life without dreams.

Dream your dream. It’s not the destination, is the journey without hypocrisies towards the destination that gives a sense to travelling. We'll see many Green Innovators at the Green Truth Conference. The growing network of AOT we will work hard to get green innovation translated into shareable incorruptible truth for all.

And now, some news from the AOT world working on the QuTii project

1) We welcome new entries

(AOT) : María del Carmen Morales Ruiz de Elvira Atlanta Rascher (Science team): Mohammadreza Jamalifard Yiu Wai (Vincent) Chan 2) We launched the Green Truth Conference

Learn more here

Explore Conference Days here Sign up as Exhibitor here Partnerships: talk to us here 3) A few new pages added to the Library of truth, here is the complete list COP27 Decision Documents: Implementation of climate action of agriculture and food security here Decarbonization of heat demand here The sociological aspects of vehicles run by alternative fuels here COP27 Decision documents: Global environment facility here Compostable plastic here Plastic waste management here

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Do you sympathise with our goals and aims? There are multiple ways how you can collaborate, here are a couple of ideas, more to come!

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