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Truth vs Misrepresentation | What is the impact on innovation?

Contradictory information comes at us on a daily basis there is no way today to distinguish between misinformation and reliable information.

Knowledge feeds our decision-making. What kind of decisions can we make if the information learned is false, incorrect, incorrectly assembled, partial or manipulated? What will shape the technologies we will develop? As human beings, decision-makers, and innovators, we have a primary responsibility: screen sources for their level of trustworthiness to guarantee the correctness and reliability of any decision.

At TiiQu we believe that the truth is the most important tool at our disposal to begin developing solutions which will arrest and reverse the damage we have done to our planet’s climate, flora and fauna before it becomes impossible to do so.

Our future is the one we design today. It can only be as good as the author makes it.

What's new in the AOT realm?

1. Team

Our Slack has now a dedicated channel for contributors to data visualization and NLP contributors who will help with testing an interactive data visualization dashboard. Whoever relies on data for their work knows how both reliability and searchability are key to speeding up and supporting decision-making! If you have expertise in NLP, ML or data visualization Join Olalekana, Pichanan, Amit, Michael and Anslem!

2. New pages enrich the library

  • Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage here Treaty implementation and compliance here

  • Standing Committee on Finance here The Green Climate Fund here

  • Emissions Global Landscape 2022 here

  • The climate change glossary here

  • Decarbonization in Japan here

  • Decarbonization Day: MARS here

Pages previously published

  • Adaptation Agenda here

  • Climate change evidence here

  • Innovative finance here

  • Investment emissions here

  • Elements of reform here

  • Assessing and measuring risk and cost of capital here

  • Debt sustainability here

  • Insure against shock here

  • The carbon credit scheme here

  • Private philanthropy and aligning financial flows here

  • Finance for climate action here

  • Food security here

  • Just transition here

  • Youth Day -Youth Global issues here

  • Youth-led Climate Forum here

3. Platform

We have a new, clean UI for easy navigation with an AOT dedicated Board Room for picking documents to convert in Q&A. (Give it a try here!)

And now let's continue following AOT in his journey in Egypt......



How you can participate There are multiple ways how you can take an active part in the project, here are a couple of ideas, more to come!

AOT; Researchers, scientists, Writers, and Journalists can join AOTs and help convert documents from COP27 into bite-size knowledge ready for validation. To learn more, schedule a call here

Non-Journal contributors: Environmentalists and Green Innovators can contribute to growing awareness about green innovation

NGOs, Research hubs and academies can make available OA access research to be converted into questions and answers for the benefit of all

Useful links for exploring more:

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