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Towards the Truth about the Environment | newsletter n.3 | New QuTii Pages announcement

For those who start following this newsletter now, let me summarize the goals we want to achieve. In a nutshell, we feel the urgency to identify the shared verified truth about the environment [and not only]. We start by questioning all COP 27 reports, conclusions, and resolutions. we'll then submit questions and answers to specialists and scientists and will end up by publishing the block-chained timestamp of each verified answer on QuTii.

Why should all this be needed?

We have loads of information. In the best scenario, we don't know if it was created with vested interests in mind nor do we know if they were reported correctly. When information is created by merging multiple non-validated sources with unknown goals, the risk is that not only do we ignore the truth but also we ignore being "ignorant". our children form their critical minds on what they can access, which in large part is unchecked and subjectively defined as true. What sort of decisions will they make for the planet and for themselves?

The truth of something lies at the end of our inquiry into that thing. The wise of today ask questions. The savvy answer about tomorrow. Both are looking for the truth.

Our inquiry can't have an end because facts and knowledge rapidly change, for this reason, truth evolution needs to be mapped. When the truth is transparently made accessible, fairly assessed and honestly reported, then any observer can take informed and not "misinformed" decisions.


Done so far

We weekly inform about our progress and we continue recruiting angels to convert research, reports and claims into Q&A. You can sign the manifesto here, read about our roadmap here and join here.

  • Elements of reform here

  • Assessing and measuring risk and cost of capital here

  • Debt sustainability here

  • The carbon credit scheme here

  • Adaptation Agenda here

  • Climate change evidence here

  • Innovative finance here

  • Investment emissions here

  • Private philanthropy and aligning financial flows here

  • Youth World Issues here

  • Decarbonization Day- MARS initiative here

Stay tuned Angels are growing in number, sign up for the newsletter to be informed about every new page published! Sign up for our newsletter here or stay tuned here


Play Your Part

  1. Do you have 2 hours per day and want to contribute? Contribute to the library of truth, apply here

  2. Are you a scientist a #researcher a #technologist, a #sustainabilitystartup founder or you are savvy on environmental matters? keep in touch, your contribution will be crucial! Talk to the team here

#Publishers of #OpenAccess #research are welcome as partners schedule a call with the team here

Time for cartoons: enjoy AOT Episode n.2 by Niccolo' Smaldone

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