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Say your word about Solar Energy (if you can)

Read this piece " An activist group spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural America". and you will know to what extent misinformation can instigate disengagement from sustainable behaviours. Regardless if you are pro-solar or not your perception of the issue is forged by confusing, loud and often manipulated information. The article tells Roger Houser's story and how an energy company offered to lease Houser's property in rural Page County to build a solar plant and the non-profit Citizens for Responsible Solar could put on hold the project up to passing restrictions effectively banning big solar plants from being built in the area.

The story draws very well the picture of how partisan interests, connections and context come together to misrepresent the truth. Misinformation will never stop. Enforcement of sustainable behaviours is long to come but distributed, decentralized reliable bite-sized knowledge and self-education can provoke what enforcement can't achieve: a pro-sustainability attitude.

Are sustainable behaviours and systems slow to become part of everyone's normal because of a lack of enforcement? I am not sure. When you impose strict rules and considerable changes, you meet resistance. It may be because, on the other side, there are habits, interests or simply reluctance to do something that doesn't stem from one's needs.

Establishing a new process or system requires the other to buy in and cooperate. If they don't or have alternative interests, then you can be sure that the change will never happen or will appear to be in place but actually, it will not. The new idea will remain empty words, and things will go on as usual.

Change is difficult. It doesn't come from asking to change, it comes from knowledge of the topic. At TiiQu and QuTii we care about cultivating and disseminating that knowledge

  • We meet at the Green Truth Conference

  • We co-create the QuTii library - a repository for sustainability-related knowledge

  • We collaborate with research hubs, Universities and NGOs willing to disseminate fact-based environmental information

  • We use AI and blockchain for the good of humanity

  • We see a future where information will dominate instead of misinformation

Want to join to make it happen? Do it now! Innovators, green savvies, research hubs, and green solution providers are welcome at the Green Truth Conference and on QuTii -the library for trustworthy environmental information.


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From the development team

Can you imagine the powerful impact of dozens of questions investigating every perspective of a piece of research about the environment? Is done! We can now convert in Q&As long paragraphs and we are accelerating towards PDF conversion in bulk so that virtually any research hub will be able to convert typically complex research into bite-sized knowledge. Taking informed decisions without unwanted influences and becoming subject-matter savvies will finally be possible for everyone!

From the AOT community

Busy schedule for our AOT this week:1500 Q&As delivered, check out here below the topics covered last week

👉 Biodiversity

👉 Sustainable cities

👉 Energy

👉 Decarbonization

👉 Sociological aspects of sustainable behaviours


Here starts a new series of episodes. AOT will draw his findings while the AOT movement grows the library for environmental truth. Stay tuned here every Monday!

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