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MyTiiQu: Test. Prove. Be Trusted.

Trust empowers. Everyone needs a level of trust at work, in business, and in every interaction. It was in trying to use what empowers people to free them, that I started thinking about how to automate trust more credibly and objectively than likes, 4-stars, reviews, friends of friends, and followers.

A Bad Wake-Up Call

My 8 years of corporate life were a bad wake-up call. I felt like fear was increasing across every working profile regardless of seniority. Too many fears of not being enough, fear of not being eligible, fear of not being equal, fear of not being considered, fear not to be “enough”, and fear of not being accepted. Fear instigates defensive attitudes that aim to protect oneself but prevent self-awareness and happiness.

I've seen too many cases where fear has prevented people from taking risks. Without taking risks you can't invent, you can't create new things, and you can't find the incredible power that lies dormant within. You cannot thrive, and most certainly, you are less keen to give back.

Fear And Trust Are Linked

The more you fear the less you trust. If you beat me frequently, I start thinking that you are dangerous. If I cannot predict that you will never harm me, then I will not be able to fully trust you. I will always be uncomfortable interacting with you. Likewise, if I fear that you may not consider me eligible for working with you or doing business with you, I may decide not to try. However, If I have sufficient assurance I am a good fit and I know that there are fair processes in place, then I will apply and make sure to provide you with a reason to hire me or do business with me.

The Lack Of Trust Mechanisms Are Costly

Lack of trust is costly to everyone. It generally takes both parties to close transactions through longer processes, and agree to something without the emotional determination to do all that is needed to take that transaction to successful completion. Lack of trust drives a culture of endemic disengagement. If I fear not being good enough to present you with a new idea, then I probably won't do it. I'll just stay within my comfort zone. However, if you feel that your ideas are evaluated objectively, you will not carry the stigma of a failure no matter the outcome, allowing you to take your ideas ahead.

There Will Be No Circular Economy Without Circular Happiness

Trust is the enabler of successful economies. Most importantly, it's the engine that drives happiness and inspires people to contribute, challenge themselves, grow and give back. How do we make happiness circular? My answer is this: by embedding fairness in processes and cultivating a culture of trust across, between and within ecosystems.

How to Overcome The Typical Mistrust Online, At Work, With Clients Or With Employers?

I told myself that if we can embed some objective mechanism in the underlying infrastructure we all navigate, then we could liberate more energy and interactions. We could overcome the boundaries and create the pre-conditions for people to look at a much broader market with confidence.

All it needs is to make people able to efficiently prove who they are what they know, what they can do and how good they can do what they say we can do.

How Does Trust work?

Now, think for a moment about how your decision-making process works. In between what you hope and what you know sits what you trust. The more elements validate something you feel is true, the more you trust up to having enough elements to say that you know.

The Sad Truth

Sadly this is a biased, subjective exercise that ends up stigmatizing individuals rather than empowering them with trust. They need to accelerate the process and automate assumptions. Responses like “You don’t have a certificate …so you can’t do this", "You learned here so you can’t…" or "You’ve never done this, so you are not good at…"

Why TiiQu?

Many start-ups originate from some kind of frustration. A sense of disempowerment that you experience when you don’t have the tools for doing something that you feel is right. TiiQu was conceived to fight voluntary and involuntary biases, prejudices and assumptions by adding fact-based fairness to decision-making.

MyTiiQu is the latest mile in a long journey. It's not a social network, it's a tool for you as an individual to build a reputation in a way that it can be trusted in a borderless market of opportunities. We can look at MyTiiQu as a dynamic ID generated and implemented by multiple proofs.

It merges AI, blockchain and the wisdom of the crowd. As a user you can:


Assess skills on the go – it’s like having Wikipedia of questions in your pocket!


Convert results into blockchain proofs – you can add irrefutable proofs to your profile from your phone with no need for third entities!

Be Trusted

Grow your authority in every domain you want. Imagine competing with peers in your domain and scale the ranking by category based on how well you answer questions: it’s fun, it's objective, it's fact-based and is privacy-preserving as each proof is cryptographically secured on the Ethereum blockchain.

Me, You, Our Tribes

Building trust doesn’t only depend on the reliability of your proofs, it’s also about the reliability of sources. With this in mind, we designed a system that relies on tribes of individuals knowledgeable in specific domains. Every participant can reach the expert level by answering questions created and validated by the wisdom of the crowd that is dynamic, democratic, and transparent.

A Simple Recipe

The recipe is simple: Test. Prove. Be Trusted. The technology is a combination of AI and blockchain, but we (me, the team, you and those who like us believe in transparency and the empowering impact of fair mechanisms) are the foremost essential ingredient of this distributed decentralized and democratized future of work.

How You Can Contribute

We are now preparing the ground for our first crowdfunding campaign. The main goal is to build the initial crowd of supporters and users, helping to foster this new objective and fair way for everyone to access knowledge, learn, and be trusted for their value.

Trust and self-awareness empower. Your contribution is important! Join your tribe here, sign up and be the first to know when we go live with the campaign here. Sign up as an expert (or community of experts) here

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