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Climate Risk - How can we manage it?

Pekka Piirainen says the biggest risk to the climate is that we're currently not seeing a huge amount of activity in terms of actually trying to tackle climate change.

Pekka is as associate at Climate Risk Services, working in the field of climate risk management for about seven years.

This means working with companies and financial institutions to understand the financial risks resulting from climate change on their investments or on their operations.

There is also a financial risk involved in trying to mitigate climate change, Pekka emphasises that the risks are multifaceted and depend the on clone of financial activity that you're engaging in.

Reputational components of where consumers are disturbed the reputation of social licence to operate on a company might just get so fundamentally tarnish, it almost kind of becomes into into disrepute that could have quite serious financial consequences, say, for example, due to consumer boycotts, or lawsuits and litigation.

Listen to the full episode here.

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