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TiiQu Toolbox: Co-Creation

TiiQu is paving the way for its first crowdfunding campaign with the firm aim of crystalizing the foundations of a solid community. This is the second in a series of blogs outlining core concepts for TiiQu, such as The Basics, Our Values, The Community, A Decentralized System, The Community, The Technology That Drives Us and Our Crowdfunding Campaign.

In this article, we'll be discussing the various aspects of co-creation within TiiQu, what they are and how they shape both our society and TiiQu as a whole, and how we as a company are striving to leap into the future with these resources acting as our spearhead.

What Are Experts Communities?

Today the meaning of the term "expert" is blurring, but what is an expert? The modern classification would be anyone who claims to have a particular accumulation of knowledge and a topic, meaning that as a result, those who are experts tend to not be experts.

The more you know and the more you know you don't know and this fact alone makes the term expert often lose its meaning.

The way TiiQu considers the term expert is dynamic with two core elements.

First, any expertise level is time-sensitive, meaning that you may have been an expert five years ago, however, today you may know as much as a beginner because you didn't update yourself. Second, knowledge evolves rapidly keeping your "expert" level is not only about continuous learning, it's about learning as fast as how fast the knowledge evolves because the only reliable way to measure your skills is by benchmarking them against the overall available knowledge and not against a static standard. There is no single entity that possesses all the available knowledge and therefore, only a crowd of experts [accessible to anyone], can contribute to defining what knowledge is at a given time. Experts should possess a considerable amount of demonstrable proof on a topic, but many experts can be falsely categorized through information parroting. That's where TiiQu comes in. We believe that experts are formed through collaboration and exposure to the knowledge of peers, differently from current practices, to grow our competency and become experts. This is what myTiiQu is willing to provide. Peers with the same level of competency can meet and share a meeting place where knowledge and information can be discussed or taken as validated truth at a given time.

What Is Qpidia?

Qpedia is a decentralized encyclopedia of questions and answers. It aims to democratize access to validated knowledge, and because of the speed of the word itself, it has taken on the concept of Wikipedia. A decentralized encyclopedia of content, transforming it into bite-sized knowledge in the form of questions and answers. The speed at which we live requires new ways to identify and use knowledge in a fast, engaging and fun way.

Three words: Decentralized, Distributed and Validated Knowledge. The best framework for Qpidia is that of a charity (non-profit) that relies on donations and will allow anyone to contribute questions and be part of the administration of managing the community with cost-free access to knowledge with the chance to grow their visibility through their thoughts and innovations and competencies. Qpidia is operated by TiiQu which doesn't intervene in the content that entirely depends on the community of creators and the subsequent validation system.

What Are Swift Hints?

Swift Hints are an easy-to-digest and bite-sized method of providing quick hints and tips to people looking for quick and direct answers due to their professional curiosities. So, how are Swift Hints and TiiQu Talks different?

We are overwhelmed by content and we need to be faster in its distribution, digestibility and relevancy. Swift Hints were born thinking specifically of the younger generation who were born as more visual learners. Swift Hints aren't meant to be an exercise of good writing, it's about providing quick and relevant information to those who need that information, moving attention away from publishing and focusing on the deliberate content.

TiiQu Talks are a second option for knowledge sharing, they still rely on watching instead of reading, however, the content is about the real experience from experts instead of informative notions that are typically part of Swift Hints. These multiple systems offer multiple forms of knowledge delivery and co-creation to benefit everyone. Those who deliver content across the platform are trusted individuals and thus have trusted knowledge.

If you're interested in the progress of the MyTiiQu App and also care about what TiiQu stands for as a company, then please sign up to become part of MyTiiQu's early user program. Don't miss out!

This series of Toolbox articles will continue with TiiQu Toolbox: Our Values, so keep an eye out!

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