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TiiQuTalks - Future of Food podcasts

In the developed world at least it's been some time since we had to consider what we put into our mouths beyond whether it tastes good. Most of us, if we're honest, haven't put much energy into thinking about our food - what’s inside it or how and where it’s produced. But what we consume (we now know) visibly impacts our planet. As a society we finally understand it, and it surely seems - we ignore this at our peril.

Is it now time that we all have a responsibility to think about what we eat and how it’s produced; whether it’s sustainable, practical, kind, and healthy?

TiiQu Podcast Q1~Q2 2023 - the truth around the future of food

The TiiQu podcasts are a part of this process of reaching the truth around the future of food.

Nobel prize-winning journalist Maria Ressa said:

“We must have facts. Without facts you can’t have truth without truth you can’t have trust. Without all three we have no shared reality and democracy as we know it and all meaningful human endeavours as we know it, are dead.”

During these times of misinformation and the many and varied ideas of what ‘true' is, we need to

reach in and ask for clarity. TiiQu is an organisation taking on the huge responsibility of collecting,

storing, and protecting truth on the library of truth QuTii. A virtual Noah’s Ark for facts and a dictionary for details, The QuTii library powered by TiiQu collects and verifies information through the assistance of AOTs: tribes of researchers, scientists, and innovators, which it then securely stores using blockchain technology.

In these podcasts, I aim to look at various and relevant topics through a lens of truth.

My name is Alex Crisp and I am a writer, investigator, journalist, lawyer, and hypnotherapist,

completely unafraid to use the Oxford comma, correctly or not. Through these podcasts, aired

every few weeks, I’ll be speaking to notable industry members, digging down into the truth at the

heart of the subject and seeking the clarification we all need.

It seems inevitable that what and how we eat will change radically in the not-too-distant future, in

order to support a growing population and a rapidly changing environment. In the next Future of Food TiiQu episodes. I, along with chosen guests, will discuss the truth about the food, what we’ll be eating and how we’ll be producing it.

This topic of food reaches from a popular TiiQu podcast aired on 31 October 2022 in which

TiiQu Podcast's previous editor Sandra Acosta spoke to Guillermo Medina -Chief Disruption Officer in the South American agritech company Pantaleon on the changes expected within agriculture.

You can stay tuned on Spotify or on the TiiQu platform here. Subject-matter experts willing to share their thoughts on the program can send their details here.


TiiQu Podcast 2023 series - What will we eat?

23rd January 2023 What is the new food revolution?


27th February 2023

Cultivated meat. New sources of food. Future of animals 10 - 50 years.


3rd April 2023

What are our future of proteins going to look like - without farmed meat?


8th May 2023

The Future of Cultured Meat in India. Alex speaks to Radhika about the growth of novel

foods in India


6th June 2023

The rules and regulations. Alex speaks to Mathilde Do Chi in regard to the rules guiding country acceptance of cultured meat. Which country will approve cultured meat sale next?


19th June 2023

The Future of Fungi? Alex speaks to Marc Violo from Microstories getting the scoop on what mushrooms and mycelium can do for us.


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