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Reza Akhavan, says 5G is 'the fifth generation of mobile technology which is designed to virtually connect everything and everyone together, including machines, objects, devices, and humans and everything with high data rate, ultra-low latency and more reliability.'

Reza is a Technology Innovation Manager and 5G Consultant, he connects R&D centres, startups in academia to spark innovation and how we do that by running some technology demonstration SME accelerator to scale these new solutions.

He says that some people focus too much on the benefits of 5G rather than some of the negatives.

They have limited coverage, but in general, the mid band mass mobile mass is going to be used in 5g. They will consume around two to four times more than that of 4g. But thanks to the revolutionary 5g Which is totally software arised we have this we have this opportunity to opt in My DTS mobile mass, it means like we can we can have, we can define some sleep mode, for instance, or if there is no that most users in the in the network, you can allocate the resource accordingly.

Listen to the full episode here.

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