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Wed, 02 Feb


Online panel discussion

Is Quantum Computing a thing?

Scientists claim to have achieved “quantum supremacy”, a breakthrough that could change the course of computing history. How?

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Is Quantum Computing a thing?
Is Quantum Computing a thing?

Time & Location

02 Feb 2022, 17:00 – 18:00 GMT

Online panel discussion

About the Conference

IBM and Google are racing to create a truly useful quantum computer. The technology is having its potential use in various domains such as banking & finance, healthcare, logistics, and many more. Looking at the numbers, the worldwide market for quantum computing is expected to reach around USD 2.5 billion by the year 2029. Cryptography will be a key application. Right now, a lot of encryption systems rely on the difficulty of breaking down large numbers into prime numbers. This is called factoring, and for classical computers, it’s slow, expensive and impractical. But quantum computers can do it easily. And that could put our data at risk. How far are we? What does this means to blockchain technology promise? How are companies preparing for quantum supremacy or how should they prepare?  We'll talk about a future of quantum supremacy with subject-matter experts.


Albert has 30+ years of leading teams to better cybersecurity.  He has extensive experience in the techniques that the Hackers use and identifies the Probability and Impact Risks that have enabled them to exploit their business.  Albert is a Service-Disabled Veteran of the US Navy, an Award winning Author, International Public Speaker, and is frequently interviewed about cybersecurity issues Internationally.   He started in cybersecurity after the events of 9/11 had the FBI seeking assistance.  That moved into his Co-Creating the Pittsburgh InfraGard Member Alliance, where they assisted the National Critical Infrastructure with better security. Since then, Albert has worked with the Veterans Administration (saving over $1 Million in 6 months), the US Air Force (teaching software security), Global Banks (helping to secure their software and infrastructure), and SMBs Internationally. Today, Albert is an Advisory Board member with Pittsburgh Technical College and EC Council University. Albert has also participated in the Red Teaming events for ‘Hack the Pentagon’ and ‘Hack the Air Force’.  Albert’s booked #HACKED is geared to help you in your cybersecurity journey. The ITS SafeTM Security appliance and the Casper-VPNTM products accelerate cybersecurity for both Business and Personal User respectively. These products are both described in his book #HACKED at

Dr. Richard Murray


Richard is CEO and Co-founder of ORCA Computing, a startup with a pioneering approach to photonic quantum computing based on quantum memories and optical fibre. Richard’s career spans, academia, science, product development, policymaking and sales and he has previously held positions at TTP, Teledyne and Innovate UK. Richard previously led Innovate UK’s £50m quantum technologies programme and was one of the pivotal figures in establishing the EU’s €1bn quantum flagship programme.

To develop scalable quantum computers for real-world applications and that integrate with real-world technologies. ORCA was founded by experienced scientists and entrepreneurs coming together. The company is based on research from Professor Ian Walmsley’s Ultra-fast and Non-linear Quantum Optics Group at the University of Oxford (UK).


Starting at 5:00 pm

- Introduction TiiQu talks

-  Experts talks 

- Panel discussion 

- Q&A with the audience

- Closing remarks

End at 6:00 pm

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