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Thu, 28 Apr


Roadshow for Metaverse Innovators

Global Metaverse Innovators Roadshow

The main purpose of the roadshow is to build a virtual global business network of metaverse innovators. Through the roadshow, metaverse innovators can introduce their metaverse innovations to the global market.

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Global Metaverse Innovators Roadshow
Global Metaverse Innovators Roadshow

Time & Location

28 Apr 2022, 17:00 – 19:45 BST

Roadshow for Metaverse Innovators

About the Conference

On a journey to build a virtual global business network of metaverse innovators,  Alex G. Lee and Jorden Woods scout and give a stage to metaverse innovators. Innovations presented will include technologies, products, services and platforms in AR/VR/MR/XR, 3D computing including spatial computing/3D engine/WebXR and Web3 including NFT/DeFi/DAO.

Alex G. Lee ( is an emerging IT/digital technology innovation and sustainable business strategy expert with 30 years of experience in the High Tech industry.  Alex is a principal consultantatTechIPm, LLC, a partner at Vincula  Group, a New York State attorney, a founder of ESGDX Forum, a  founder of the Enterprise/IndustrialMetaverse Forum: Digital

Twins+AI+Blockchain+IoT+XR Convergence and a member of IEEE. Alex holds a PhD.  degree in physics from Johns Hopkins University, a J.D. from the Suffolk University  Law School, and an executive certificate in strategy and innovation from MIT Sloan  School of Management.

Jorden Woods ( is a  Caltech-trained astrophysicist, a successful 3-time serial entrepreneur with exits, and a pioneer in Web 3 decentralized technologies & online globalization strategy. He is a Founding  Partner at StarChain Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture studio

solving significant global challenges with web 3/Blockchain plus other advanced technologies such as AI/ML and IoT – a core thesis of his best-selling book, Enterprise  Blockchain Has Arrived, co-authored with Radhika Iyengar. Jorden is the host of The  Future of Business, an educational videocast series focused on business opportunities with Web 3 the Metaverse.

StarChain Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture studio focused on the transformative potential of Web 3.0 technologies in combination with deeptech (AI / ML /  IoT) and other decentralized technologies like NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi and CBDCs.

Metaverse Innovators

Each metaverse innovator participates in a 15 minutes presentation session including  Q/A.

Alex Bellesia, CEO & Founder at Spatial Port Inc.


Alex will present Spatial Port's metaverse commerce platform by focusing on 3 main

topics: 1. evolution of e-commerce from 2D to 3D - what are the potentials? how  brands can leverage technologies like AR, VR, AI, and blockchain combined with 3D

environments? 2. introduction to Spatial Port eCommerce platform 3. 3D e-commerce gameplay demo

SpatialPort’s ( mission is to holistically transform the e-commerce experience by tearing down the barriers of entry to digital retail, not only for small-medium brands but also will enable consumers, influencers, and artists (both digital and physical mediums) to play, learn and earn income!

SpatialPort democratizes 3D shopping by introducing a new immersive app which will be unveiled soon.  Our quest begins with the SP21 MTVRSMaster COLLECTION of luxury NFT wearable timepieces. Our proprietary technology algorithmically randomizes materials and shapes of the watch components to ensure each timepiece is truly a one-of-a-kind collectable. SpatialPort was established by industry veterans from Activision Blizzard, AWS, Roblox, Sephora, Google, Facebook, and magic Leap who will collectively ensure that SpatialPort reaches the moon and beyond!

Sarah Li, Marketing Lead at Matterverse Inc.


Sarah will present Matterverse's ultra-immersive 3D storefronts by focusing on 3 main topics:

-cloud-native and ultra-realistic metaverse

-applications for brands

-matterverse open world (topics tentative)

Matterverse ( is the first cloud-native and ultra-realistic metaverse for social commerce, with DAO governed content, NFT membership, & identity system to stay engaged. We have been helping leading brands enter the metaverse space, and we are also launching the Matterverse Open World now.

Praveen Bhaniramka, CEO & Founder at Exxar Inc.


Praveen will present Exxar’s metaverse industrial collaboration platform by focusing  on 3 main topics: 1. seamless integration with CAD and BIM models to reduce the  need for manual content creation 2. cross platform collaboration app that enables

different XR devices to be used as “meeting” clients 3. content server that hosts 3D assets and other data  for user collaboration

Exxar ( is a no-code Augmented & Virtual Reality platform for Industrial transformation.  Exxar enables mobile access to 3D models on Oculus Quest, Hololens, iPad & Android devices to power industrial use cases. Exxar’s unique Stream technology integrates directly with all major CAD & BIM tools to help save huge time & cost in creating digital assets for XR applications. With its ready-to-use collaborative user experience, Exxar provides a ready-to-use platform that accelerates the realization of the  Industrial Metaverse.

Vincent Sim,  CEO & Founder at Globaliz Co., Ltd


Vincent will present metacubic’s metaverse ecosystem platform by focusing on 3 main topics:

1. the evolution of metaverse data with the domain of thing which is from META CUBIC

PLATFORM is an open platform that supports a multidimensional relational Internet with a  decentralized Internet domain. - what are the potentials? How can brands leverage

technologies like QR, AR, VR, and blockchain NFT combined with metacubic? 2. introduction to Metacubic platform

3. metacubic demo

GLOBALIZ ( pioneered several regional platforms and specialized platforms in the form of crossovers for metaverse with dataexperts experienced in SAS software. Currently, GLOBALIZ has created Metacubic domains for electronics and semiconductors in Singapore, Seoul, Auckland, Brisbane, Silicon  Valley, and over 40domains and partners. In the future, we will create a meta-cubic that connects more than 3000  regions around the world including corporate specialities so that the metaverse can be applied directly to real life.

Jim Mathewson, CEO & Founder at NEAR8, Inc


Jim will present NEAR8's metaverse and spatial entertainment and gaming framework,  which aims to connect the metaverse to IRL moments and events through user role-playing concepts. He will focus on these topics: 1. Evolution of immersive entertainment and

immersive experiences from past eras through the present. What types of immersion and what levels of interaction

(AR, VR, webXR, geofencing, geotagging) are meaningful to users/players/audience 2. Abstract and fantasy gaming frameworks and environments vs. literal frameworks and environments (e.g., maps, digital twins, photorealistic models). How can the two be merged or used together? 3. Algorithmic/personalized/fully interactive content vs. traditional storytelling and narratives arcs. 4. How role-playing influences user/player identity, and long-term meaning within narrative arcs. 5. Introduction, demo reels and trailers showing NEAR8's spatial content development. 6. How can blockchain games scale to include a broader, more socioeconomically diverse audience and player base while at the same time maintaining scarcity, compelling community dynamics and meaningful experiences?

NEAR8, Inc.( now developing NEAR8 - a mobile web3 game and virtual story world, connecting the metaverse to the real world. NEAR8 produces serialized interactive content segments,which are released periodically inside the platform's themed metaverse story worlds, utilizing novel spatial gaming interactions, NFT  defined user roles, connected hybrid/IRL events, rich media and spatial sound.

Neeraj Satija, CEO & Co-Founder at Lucrisma Inc.


Neeraj will present Lucrisma's metaverse-first financial services platform by focusing on these topics: 1. The current landscape of financial services providers in TradFi, CeFi & DeFi.  Metaverse triggered changes in this landscap 2. Infrastructure components that are going to act like building blocks to offer 3. Building Product education content that utilizes AR/VR

to build life-like models for users to learn by interaction and exploration

The metaverse economy is projected to grow to $13 trillion USD by 2030. No company currently offers comprehensive financial services company to both metaverse users and non-metaverse users and allows real-world assets to be collateralized in the metaverse and vice versa. An economy of that scale needs a full spectrum of financial services. This is exactly what Lucrisma ( is building.

Emanuele Zinna, CMO at Shin Software


VR/XR/AR are setting up new tools for marketing activities and for many companies, the adoption of this would be rather a matter of "when" than a matter of "if". New consumer habits and technological devices are pushing the limit of digital experiences beyond any previous expectations. There are two different approaches to facing these new challenges: stay still adopt a wait-and-see plan or take the chance to revolutionise the go-to-market strategy. Emanuele will describe  how SHOWin3D ( can support companies to exploit RT-3Dand Metaverse market  opportunities

Shin Software ( is focused on interactive RT-3D, VR & AR technology. An advanced technology partner of AWS, Shin Software has been awarded by Amazon as one out of 30 global companies able to deploy reliable applications for enterprises. Shin Software's aim is to bring the expressive and emotional power of 3D  graphics used in video games into the business world with SHOWin3D, advanced codeless content management and application building platform developed to replicate any product, process or environment whose output is a  perfect metaverse-ready copy in terms of aesthetic and functionality.

Rajat Ojha, CEO at Gamitronics


For quite some time, brands had a unidirectional approach to reaching out to their audience but Metaverse makes it 2 dimensional where users can experience, feel and establish a  connection even before they experience the product in real life. Let's discuss how we do it with 2 case studies.

Gamitronics ( is a leading game development company with a huge success record in video games and theme park industries with award-winning & chart-topping games & theme parks. Gamitronics is currently focusing on PartyNite which is India's very own metaverse running on cosmos blockchain and has set records like organizing a concert with 20M viewership and doing events with several top brands & even the government.

Aditya Mani, Founder, YOLOgram app 

( Aditya will present YOLOgram's focus on

1. Having FUN Styling with branded apparel. The role of playable 3D commerce & Direct2Avatar in Boosting Sales & Engagement for Apparel Brands. 2. Sharing Playful branded content. How Immersive Social experiences enhance consumer loyalty. 3. Phygital strategies that connect digital media and the metaverse with real-world branded experiences.  YOLOGram (

) is fun styling app blending Direct2Avatar tech with Immersive Social Media. With YOLOgram consumers of apparel brands have fun styling themselves & sharing playful branded content on social media.


The session is recorded. The recording is made available to subscribers 72 h after the event

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About the Organiser

This event is organized by Alex G.Lee - an independent member of the TiiQu Network and TiiQu U.S. Ambassador in collaboration with Jorden Woods. 

About the Host 

TiiQu proudly supports the spreading of innovation, and sustainable technologies, the company specializes in turning secure, peer-reviewed information into an open forum of ideas. 

TiiQu Network Events (Organized by network Ambassadors and hosted by TiiQu) and  TiiQu Talks (co-organized and hosted by TiiQu) aim to educate, accelerate and innovate the masses and facilitate business and growth in order to offer equal opportunities to all, no matter race, gender or background.

TiiQu's technologies aims are to improve the guesswork and assumptions from an individual's claims and validate their demonstrable knowledge in a particular field. To provide every individual with the tools to validate who they are through blockchain-based evidence, and to benefit from a broader, more trustworthy, community of educators and innovators. You can sign up at TiiQu at


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