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Environmental content curator | Qualitative research


3 Months /15-20h/week

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About us

QuTii Library of Truth is not just a repository of knowledge; it's an odyssey that transcends boundaries, revolutionizing how humanity interacts with information. Our vision is to construct a dynamic map of knowledge—a digital cartography that connects ideas, topics, and insights in an intricate tapestry of understanding. We believe that when knowledge is visualized and connected through the power of graph technology, it becomes a transformative force that propels human progress.

The job 

You will play a crucial role in preparing the dataset for training our AI models aiming to automatically label text.

What you will be doing
As a sustainability passionate and knowledgeable person, you will identify OA research papers,, as part of the labelling team you will
validate labels automatically assigned to short -texts derived from such papers.
You will collaborate for Impact: Work closely with a team of visionary NLP experts, Data Scientists, and Engineers, weaving a tapestry of language insights that fuels the engines of AI innovation.

Required Experience

You possesse a combination of domain-specific knowledge (sustainability), attention to detail, and understanding of the data labelling process. Here are the essential skills and knowledge areas we are looking for:

1. Language Proficiency:

Strong proficiency in the language(s) being annotated, including grammar, vocabulary, and context
2. Research ability:

You are used to navigating research aggregators like Research Gate and you are comfortable in searching relevant research on research publishers sites like Spring Nature or Elsevier
3. Domain Knowledge:

Familiarity with sustainability, environmental related topics is beneficial for understanding specialized terminology and context.
4. Communication Skills:

Effective communication with team members, especially when clarification on labeling guidelines or specific cases is needed.
5. Tool Proficiency:

Familiarity with Microsoft Teams and Office,
7. Critical Thinking:

Capacity to analyse ambiguous or complex text and make informed decisions on labelling, demonstrating critical thinking skills.
8. Collaboration:

Collaboration with data scientists, and other team members to understand the broader context of the project and align labeling efforts with the project goals.
9. Time Management:

Efficient time management skills to meet deadlines and contribute to the overall progress of the project.
10. Quality Control:

Understanding the importance of quality control measures
11. Continuous Learning:

Willingness to learn, interest in researching complex multidisciplinary environmental topics

How we work 

We work from remote and interact with others via Slack. Our preferred tools are GitHub, Slack, Jira. As part of the pre-labeller team you contribute to pre-labelling a 8K dataset, ideally in an 8-weeks sprint. progress is discussed weekly during our weekly reviews.

Shared values 

You'll be at the forefront of a groundbreaking project that marries technology and knowledge in unprecedented ways. Your contributions will help shape the Library of Truth, impacting how individuals interact with information and fostering a new era of exploration and understanding.

Proof of work and references

Your contributions make a tangible impact. Every skill you share, every mission you accomplish, leaves an indelible mark on the path to progress. As a testament to your dedication, we proudly offer proof of work a token of appreciation for your unwavering commitment.
Beyond the boundaries of our community, your efforts do not go unnoticed. We are eager to recommend you, celebrating your passion and expertise within and outside our circles.


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TIIQU  is a registered Community Interest Company  in England and Wales 10155328. 
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