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We are here to answer your questions and discover how we can collaborate in this exciting journey towards verified truth for all. In the meantime, let us tell you more about us: We verify, disseminate, preserve, and make accessible the truth about the state of the environment. We protect this truth from corruption, we provide verified truth and data to all professionals working on environmental issues from journalists, researchers, and technologist, to students, campaigners, governmental agencies, and NGOs, either as a forum where questions will be answered, or as a library of verified questions and answers. We aim to become the world’s leading symbol of trust, the source of environmental truth and knowledge, and a beacon for good in a dark and gloomy world. A few links for your consideration : Manifesto | Roadmap | Resources| Platform | Sign up as Early user |

You can contact us here

1-2 Charterhouse Mews, London EC1M 6BB, UK

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