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At the end of every good question, lies the truth


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How it works

If you have an environmental or related question, ask TiiQu

You will receive an answer from one of the world’s leading authorities specializing in the subject of your question directly on-app.

Validated Q&A are then block-chained and published on the public library QuTii contributing to growing the non-profit repository of truth available to all.

Tell us a bit more about your domain of expertise to be considered as an early user.

TiiQu is an on-invite-only application allowing to ask questions to leading authorities in specific fields.

Access to the application is progressively released to those who operate in domains where truth is under threat. The first release is reserved to environment specialists. If you want to join or ask more information for the next cohorts, leave your email here below. We'll keep in touch with you in the following 48 hours.

Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

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