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Educators, researchers, knowledge managers, and course creators can now benefit from a revolutionary platform offering streamlined access to credible environmental information, fostering critical thinking.

What happens after joining as a TruthTech Donor?

1. Upon donation, the donor receives credentials for free access to the library. 2. Within 30 Days, donors receive credentials to access the PDF2QA converter for free use. 3. Starting Oct.24 Gold, donors gain complimentary access to GreenTruth events.

Truth - centered

Why Your Participation Matters

Accelerate Your Impact

Your support fuels knowledge democratization and provides educators with essential tools to navigate complex information effectively, ensuring students receive the most accurate and up-to-date environmental education.

1. You gain priority access to the Truth Library 2. You unlock free use of pdf2qa: TiiQu's fidelity-first technology for converting text to Q&As instantly without biases.  3. You fasten your lesson preparation 4. You engage the next generation of environmental leaders.

 Educational Institutions or Research Hubs?

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