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TiiQu Toolbox: The Community

TiiQu is paving the way for its first crowdfunding campaign with the firm aim of crystalizing the foundations of a solid community. This is the second in a series of blogs outlining core concepts for TiiQu, such as The Basics, Our Values, Decentralized System, Technology That Drives Us, The Community, Co-Creation and Our Crowdfunding Campaign.

In this article, we'll be discussing the importance of Tribes, MyTiiQu and our Blockchain-based Credential System, how those core technologies shape both our society and TiiQu as a whole, and how we as a company are striving to leap into the future with these values acting as our spearhead.

What Are Tribes?

In the increasingly virtualized world we live in which is dominated by high speed innovation and a growing level of complexity, finding reassurance about what is true and what is not becomes a priority, doing this fast is of the greatest importance. Relying upon the source of truth is non-negotiable.

That's where tribes come in as virtual spaces for like-minded peers who come together to share, validate knowledge and co-create.

Tribes members can share knowledge within their niche via their chosen tribe and through the use of tools such as Swift Hints, TiiQu Talks and the Non-Journal - we will talk about these channels in our later blogs. Most importantly, researchers, experts, and industry stakeholders can convert their research and experience into validated questions and answers, spread their knowledge without boundaries and be rewarded for their contribution.

How Are Credentials Secured?

In the TiiQu realm, a credential is a piece of truth. What makes a credential trustworthy is the combination of:

a) a trustworthy source

b) its resistance to forging

Concerning the second point, TiiQu leverages trust-empowering blockchain technology because it provides credentials with inherent, immutable and easily verifiable characteristics. This technology is secure because each piece of information is linked to the previous block of information and shared in a public ledger across millions of computers so that no information can be changed without accessing and changing the entire database chain. This anti-tampering feature combined with the information being cryptographically secured in a way that cannot be backlinked to the original data allows the information to be secure and privacy-preserving while keeping it verifiable.

What Is MyTiiQu?

'Bringing together the wisdom of the crowd through blockchain credentials'.

TiiQu calls on the wisdom of the crowd to complement or replace single sources of truth. Knowledge evolves constantly and at a high speed and there is no central authority that can fairly and objectively define what is true, with this in mind, MyTiiQu brings together experts in specific domains who can express the level of agreement on a specific truth at any given time with a dynamic crowd.

But what is an 'expert'? Because the term is confusing and wrongly associated with just anyone who shares information. Experts in regards to TiiQu are individuals who have demonstrated their competency on a topic. To measure one's level of knowledge, the MyTiiQu application allows the user to explore topics, answer questions and eventually crystallize the results of those questions into proofs (blockchain credentials). In this way, the term "expert" gains a unique dignity reflecting the highest level of competency in a niche domain at a given time based on what the peers community recognize to be validated knowledge.


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