Trusted Refugees

With immutable and verifiable credentials of each internship and professional course 

Enhancing refugees' employability

TiiQu partners with IT Academy Powercoders Italy that offers three months courses to refugees followed by six-months apprenticeships through a network of national and global companies. The project aims are to improve the employability of learners and embed equality into hiring processes. Participants of the IT training course at Powercoders Italy, earn a blockchain-based credential as proof of the skills acquired at program completion. Skills validated by employers are granularly detailed into credentials, becoming unchangeable and verifiable by any future employer by a simple click.

Case Study

UNHCR helps Powercoders identifying refugees willing to reskill or upskill

Refugees face huge challenges in getting a job. Some have fled war-torn countries before they completing their education. Others left behind successful careers. They all have so much to contribute but need a helping hand to understand the systems and working culture in the hosting country and become financially independent.

The Powercoders ecosystem provides training and apprenticeships

To solve the problem, the Powercoders team collaborates with a network of farsighted companies willing to offer a six-month placement to trainees who complete three-months Powercoders intensive courses. How to provide learners with evidence of their achievements once the program comes to end? 

How can newcomers  access work opportunities on meritocratic basis?

Some highly skilled professionals are struggling to have their qualifications recognised in the hosting country, while others are required to adapt their skills to the needs of the local labour market and give proof to their future employers that they can be a valuable asset. Without credentials or a network capable of validating their claims, refugees may be at risk of discrimination.

Tamper-proof credentials convert skills into assets

That is where the certiif software comes in. Powercoders can convert skills earned during IT courses into blockchain-based proofs in a few clicks. Once those skills are validated by the employer, a blockchain-based credential is issued. Any future employerswill easily verify immutably certified credentials that granularly detail their candidate's skills. 

What partners say 

Foto Gregorio Caporale.jpeg

Gregorio Caporale - Industry Lead Powercoders Italia

Blockchain certification plays a strategic role within the Powercoders project who pursue the ambitious goal of breaking down the barriers of access to the labour market for refugees.  It allows guaranteeing the ownership and immutability of the certificate issued at the end of the course, thus increasing the trust of companies in the candidate.

With the continued growth of urban areas globally, rising inequality within our cities is becoming an ever more urgent issue. Policy, innovation and collaboration that prioritises social inclusion of vulnerable people, including refugees, is key to build safe, secure and inclusive cities. Solutions with trust and equality at their core are essential to enable individuals to more easily and confidently engage with the communities in which they live.