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3 Months /15-20h/week

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About us

QuTii Library of Truth is not just a repository of knowledge; it's an odyssey that transcends boundaries, revolutionizing how humanity interacts with information. Our vision is to construct a dynamic map of knowledge—a digital cartography that connects ideas, topics, and insights in an intricate tapestry of understanding. We believe that when knowledge is visualized and connected through the power of graph technology, it becomes a transformative force that propels human progress.

The job 

The Art of Pre-Labelling:
As a Pre-Labeller, you are the trailblazer, the alchemist who infuses raw language data with semantic brilliance. Your mission is to meticulously annotate and label vast volumes of text, bringing coherence to chaos, and empowering AI models to perceive language with unparalleled acuity.

What You'll Do:

Precision Annotation: Dive deep into the realms of text, meticulously identifying and labeling linguistic patterns, entities, and semantic relationships with surgical precision.

Semantic Insight: Immerse yourself in the context of diverse language datasets, bestowing AI models with the gift of understanding the intricacies of human expression.

Quality Assurance: Ensure the utmost accuracy and consistency in your annotations, refining and polishing the language data to unlock the true potential of AI-driven language processing.

Collaborate for Impact: Work closely with a team of visionary NLP experts, Data Scientists, and Engineers, weaving a tapestry of language insights that fuels the engines of AI innovation.

Required Experience

Skills Needed for This Adventure:

Language Mastery: Proficiency in multiple languages, with an inherent understanding of grammar, syntax, and semantics, enabling you to decipher the intricate nuances of diverse texts.

Attention to Detail: An unwavering commitment to precision and accuracy, leaving no linguistic stone unturned in the quest for excellence.

Curiosity Unleashed: A passion for language and an insatiable curiosity to explore the multifaceted dimensions of human expression.
Tech-Savviness: Familiarity with natural language processing tools, annotation platforms, and data management, fuelling your journey through the realms of AI-driven language processing.

Adaptability: A willingness to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of language data, gracefully adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

How we work 

We work from remote and interact with others via Slack. Our preferred tools are GitHub, Slack, Jira. As part of the pre-labeller team you contribute to pre-labelling a 8K dataset, ideally in an 8-weeks sprint. progress is discussed weekly during our weekly reviews.

Shared values 

Unleash the Power of Words:
At QuTii Library of Truth, we believe that language is the conduit of knowledge, the essence of wisdom. As a Text Pre-Labeller, your contributions transcend the realms of linguistics, propelling AI models toward unprecedented understanding and human-like interaction.

Embrace the Opportunity:
Join us at QuTii Library of Truth, where the magic of language meets the marvels of AI. Seize this chance to unleash the power of words and embark on an extraordinary journey, shaping the future of AI-driven language processing. Together, let's traverse the untamed frontiers of linguistic exploration and set the stage for a world where AI and human understanding dance in harmony!

Apply now and become a Pre-Labeller, forging the path to a future of linguistic brilliance

Proof of work and references

Your contributions make a tangible impact. Every skill you share, every mission you accomplish, leaves an indelible mark on the path to progress. As a testament to your dedication, we proudly offer proof of work a token of appreciation for your unwavering commitment.
Beyond the boundaries of our community, your efforts do not go unnoticed. We are eager to recommend you, celebrating your passion and expertise within and outside our circles.


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